Hi I'm The Warden of the Dales. I chose the name after my Dalish Elf Warden, Elegoth.

Current Jobs:

  • Helping Out where I can.
    H dalisht1a 0

    "We are the last of the Elvhenan, and never again shall we submit."

    250px-DAO DalishElf

    The glory of Dalish concept art.

  • Getting rid of false-hoods.
  • Adding what the armor looks like to armor pages.
Elegoth- The Warden of The Dales
Cg ico gender male
Classico rogue
Cg ico race male elf
Cg ico origin elf dalish

Magic SympathizerPoacherBhelen's AllyLiberatorCeremonialistA Dark Promise

File:Dragon Age Origins - In Paradisum
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