Warden Mage: Ferris

  • I live in Arizona, United States
  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is Savior of the World
  • I am Male

I Have played through Dragon Age: Origins/Awakening along with Dragon Age 2 several times over, across multiple classes primarily on the PS3 version. Through all my characters the one that I identified and personified was the Warden Mage Ferris Amell. He's wise, rational, strategic, and powerful.

My Canon Story Edit

Male Circle Mage. Spirit Healer and Battlemage Specialisations. Primary focus on Ice and Lightning Magic. Prologue:

Born from a wealthy noble family in the Free Marches, Ferris and his siblings were found to have exceptional magical talent at a very early age. Each was shipped off to a different Circle of Magi, Ferris being sent to the Circle located in Ferelden.


  • Passed Harrowing. Chose to help Jowan and Lily escape the tower. Was caught by First enchanter Irving and Knight-Commander Greagoir. Jowen reveals he was a blood mage and flees. Duncan conscripts in order to save the Mage's life.
  • Alistair, Ser Jory, and Daveth join the party.
  • Daveth Dies during the joining, Ser Jorey is "Killed in action"
  • Darkspawn ambush at the top of the Tower of Ishal. Saved by the Witch of the Wilds. Morrigan joins party.
  • Dog joins party, and is named Elric.
  • Leliana, and Sten join the party. Plans are made to head to Warden's Keep to assist Levi Dryden and to reclaim the Keep to act as a base of oporations.
  • Killed the demon possessing Sophia Dryden. Destroyed the Alchemical Concoction. Repaired the tears in the Veil.
  • Executed Avernus for his actions. Alastair Gains Warden Armor, and Ferris gains Warden robes.
  • Saved First Enchanter Irving and the Circle of Magi. Wynne joins party.
  • Ferris becomes a Spirit Healer and takes on Wynne as a mentor.
  • Gave the Black Grimoire to Morrigan. Morrigan and Ferris become intimate.
  • Spared Zevran. After an interrogation, Zevran joins the party.
  • Saved Redcliffe from the undead, with no lives lost.
  • Freed Jowen from his cell within the castle. (Rumored to have changed his name, and assisting refugees.)
  • With the assistance of the Circle of Magi, Ferris entered the Fade and killed the demon possessing Connor.
  • Upon entering the Dailish camp, Ferris assisted the elves in matters of love, Halla care, and locating crafting materials, in order to establish good relations between the Elves and the Grey Wardens.
  • Convinced Zathrian to lift the curse on the Werewolves by ending his life.
  • Located Aneirin for Wynne.
  • Returned to Ostagar with Alistair, Wynne, and Dog (Elric), reclaimed the King's Armor, and Duncan's weapons. Made a proper pyre for King Cailan.
  • Visited Goldanna. Hardened Alistair.
  • Killed Marjolaine for Leliana.
  • After meeting a merchant on the road, obtained a golem control rod.
  • Killed Kitty saving Amalia. Shale joines the party.
  • Did not harden Leliana.
  • Helped Dagna join the circle of Magi.
  • Sided with Branka against Caridin and reclaimed the Anvil of the Void. Placed Bhelen Aeducan as the King of Orzammar. Oghren joines the Party.
  • Oghren obtains the Legion of the Dead armor.
  • Joined Shale on journey to Cadash Thaig to locate information on the golem's lost past.
  • Reunited Oghren with Felsi, and located information on Sten's lost blade.
  • Located Sten's lost blade Asala. Gained full respect of Sten.
  • Retrieved Alistair's mother's Amulet.
  • Forced to kill the townspeople in the Village of Haven in self defense.
  • Saved Brother Genitivi. Killed Kolgrim and the "False god" High Dragon. Faced the Gaunlet. Preserved the Urn of Sacred Ashes.
  • Saved Arl Eamon.
  • Killed Flemeth in order to protect his love Morrigan.
  • Rescued the Warden Riordan. Saved all prisoners within Rendon Howe's dungeon.
  • Refused to fight Ser Cauthrien and was taken to Fort Drakon with Alistair.
  • Sten and Morrigan storm the fort and save Ferris and Alistair.Upon finding the warden int heir cage, Sten is noted as saying "The irony of this situation is not lost on me".
  • Persuaded Anora and Alistair to marry eachother in order to unite Ferelden.
  • Located the Warden's storage, and recovered Duncan's shield for Alistair.
  • Made Counter offer to the slaver's deal, "I take everything and you leave with your lives". Counter offer was refused. Killed all Slavers, and rescued the Alienage Elves.
  • Performed Odd jobs for the Antivan Crows to remove himself from their list.
  • Helped the Denerim City Guard maintain order within the City.
  • Angered a local merchant by having his talented Blacksmith craft drake scale and dragon bone armor.
  • Killed Zevran's former assassin commrads. Persuaded Zevran to stay with the party.
  • Talked down Ser Cauthrien when entering the Landsmeet
  • Persuaded almost all the Nobles to side against Loghain.
  • Elected Dog (Elric) to fight as a Champion against Loghain. Arl Eamon advised against the idea, and so Ferris fought Loghain himself.
  • After winning the duel, rejected Riordan's idea to have Loghain undergo the Joining. Ferris executed Loghain himself.
  • Alistair and Anora announce their wedding proposal to the nobles.
  • Agreed to assist with Morrigan's Dark Ritual.
  • Left Oghren in charge at the front gates of Denerim, in order for him to recover some of his lost honor.
  • Stormed Denerim with Alistair, Wynne, and Zevran.
  • Killed the Archdemon and lived.
  • Asked to continue to serve the Crown, becomming the Chancellor of Ferelden.
  • Vowed he would one day track down his love, Morrigan.


After the Fith blight had ended, Chancellor Ferris was also granted the title Warden Commander of Ferelden, as well as gifted with the lands of Amaranthine. Keeping up with his mastery of magic he gained the Battlemage specialization. Darkspawn attacks on the rise around Amaranthine, caused The warden Commander to ask for Orleasian wardens to provide aid. Upon arriving at Vigil's Keep, it's very apparent something horrible has happened...
  • Rescued all survivors from Darkspawn.
  • Mhairi, Oghren, Anders join party.
  • Discover a talking Darkspawn.
  • Conscripted Anders into the Grey Wardens, saving him from Templars the same as Duncan had done with Ferris.
  • Oghren and Anders Survive the Joining, Mhairi does not.
  • Conscripts Nathaniel Howe into the Grey Wardens offering him redemption.
  • Nathaniel survives his Joining.
  • The nobles swear fealty to Ferris, but there is talk of a conspiracy to overthrow him.
  • Sends Soldiers to protect the Farm lands.
  • Hires the Dark Wolf to uncover the conspiracy.
  • While locating Anders' phylactery, it turned out to be an Ambush by Templars. Saved Anders (again) from Templars, and established a great friendship.
  • Located Delilah Howe, who explained to Nathaniel their father's true nature. Established a great Friendship with Nathaniel.
  • Killed the Darkspawn within the Wending Wood persuaded Velanna to stop the attacks on merchants. Velanna joins the party.
  • Party is captured by The Architect, and expiremented on.
  • The Architect escapes into the deep roads. Velanna asks to join the Grey Wardens.
  • Velanna Survives her Joining.
  • Pays to have the Vigils walls repaired to dwarven standards.
  • Assisted the City Guard of Amaranthine by killing all the smugglers.
  • Saved the Legionaire Scout Sigrun from darkspawn outside an opening to the deep roads. Sigrun joins the Party.
  • Discovered a new type of Darkspawn, the Children.
  • Witnessed two factions of Darkspawn fighting eachother.
  • Killed the Broodmothers within Kal'Hirol. Invited Sigrun to stay on with the Wardens.
  • Sigrun survives her Joining.
  • Has word sent back to Orzammar, about the events of Kal'Hirol.
  • Convinces Oghren to still be a part of his child's life.
  • Recovered Nathaniel's Grandfather's Bow from below the vigil.
  • Ambushed and forced into the Fade.
  • Assisted a Spirit of the fade, Justice in fighting The Baroness.
  • Upon returning to the mortal realm, Justice was forced into the body of a Grey Warden. Justice was asked to join the Wardens to seek vengence against the darkspawn who killed the body of the man he now inhabbited. Justice joins the party.
  • After killing The Baroness, The party collected the bones of a Dragon, and fought the Queen of the Blackmarsh.
  • Upon returning to the Vigil, a darkspawn hoard was on its way to the city of Amaranthine.
  • Decided to take Oghren, Anders, and Nathaniel to save the city, leaving the rest behind to protect the Vigil.
  • Rejected the Arhitect's deal, slaying him and his follower Utha.
  • Killed The Mother. Saved Amaranthine.


  • King Bhelen suggested Lord Dace contact the Warden Commander to assist with recovering a lost thaig.
  • Killed The Harvester and lost the Thaig.
  • After a year of tracking, finally located information on Morrigans whereabouts.
  • After tracking Morrigan to the Dragonbone wastes, convinced her to stay together.
  • Morrigan, Ferris, and Dog (Elric) left through the Eluvian together. His current whereabouts are unknown.

~*~Special thanks to -Sophia for letting me use her style of placing the events in order.~*~

Additional Information Edit

Expertise was in War magic, though he had an affinity for Spirit magic as well. (both offensive spirit spells, as well as spirit healing spells) His favorite element was electricity, which lead him to come up with the spell combo he called 'The Storm of the Millennium' by casting two 'Storm of the Century' spells at the same time.

Ferris greatly respects Wynne, seeing her as a second mentor after leaving the tower. This is what lead to him learning Spirit healing as a means to honor her.

He greatly fears becoming an abomination, which primarily keeps him clear of blood magic, and blood mages. He does acknowledge the power blood magic holds, but would rather seek his own path to power through mastery of the elements.

Heroic Stats Edit

Kills: 1810
Damage dealt: 710065
Friendly-fire damage dealt: 0
Greatest damage dealt: 2167
Contribution to party damage: 66
Hit rate: 95
Most powerful foe slain: Flemeth the Shapeshifter
Injuries: 15

Heroes Of Dragon AgeEdit

For anyone who plays Heroes of Dragon Age, My username on there is the same here (minus the ":") Warden Mage Ferris, feel free to shoot me an ally request.

My Ally Code is 859-926-123

Here are my squads:

Screenshot_2014-12-23-18-07-40_zps1392094c.png This is just the "All legendary" squad. (Also complete with Duncan and Alistair!)

Screenshot_2014-10-07-15-50-12_zps067fbb4c.png Here are my Epic Grey Wardens, with an Armored bear. (It's kinda nice to see the siblings get along, and Duncan and Alistair can finally fight together!)

Screenshot_2014-10-07-15-47-39_zps980d9183.png Here is my full set of Tier IV Rare Wardens, who apparently captured a Dragon. All lead by Stroud (This is honestly my favorite set)

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