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- p39, p64, p92

- p94 (spider venom)

- p158 (relations)

- p177 (respite between Blights)

-- cooperation with Arlathan

-- Garal moved the capital (only as a source)

-- Statue completed

-- Heldane Zadol

-- High king of Orzammar

-- The greater bulk of the horde came from the west

-- Greatest members of the Warrior caste

-- Demolish critical bridges

-- Ordered nobles into battle

-- Died cursing he should have done more to save the outer thaigs

-- Fifty years after Aeducan only four kingdoms remained

-- Moroc the Maul - caste - shared everything they could

-- No culprit was found about who killed Caridin

-- 1155 TE High King Threestone

-- To become a Paragon you need to achieve something there is no precedent

-- Assembly and Paragons

-- Elevation of non-noble houses to nobility

-- Warrior caste marries early

-- Sub-castes within the warrior caste + but even the smallest noble house has a handful warrior houses sworn to it

-- Smith competitions

-- Artisan lore

-- Miner caste - women

-- Merchant caste premiums - ambassadors lore

-- Casteless are hired by miners to explore tunnels pockets - Paragon Gherlen is not spoken of in polite company

-- Memories

-- Shapers & Shaperate of Golems

-- Deshyrs propose legislation

-- Openings in the Assembly

-- Kings command only their own house, they appoint a High General

-- Kings can veto legislation if it is not unanimous

-- King becomes one with a majority

-- Removed kings

-- Nomination of new king

-- Positions in Orzammar

-- Casteless are not allowed to even watch Provings

-- Diamond Quarter, Commons, Carta's activities

-- p191 (The Stone

-- p196 (the dwarves marry for life)

-- p262 (sword of Maric Theirin is suspected of reversing the effects of the taint)

-- p278 (cave beetle)

-- pp280-281 (giant spider)

-- p284-285 (genlocks)

-- p300 (Dwarven Apparitions)

-- p308, p309, p311 (Deepstalkers)

-- p322 (Carta image)

-- p332, p333, p335, p336 (magical items)

Review the following pages after searching for obscure World of Thedas information Edit

  • Lyrium (useful quote: The most precious of substances, lyrium is a catalyst for enchantment and magical activities. Hazardous in its raw form, lyrium is safer when processed, becoming a shimmering silver liquid - though no less potent. The ore occurs naturally in veins and deep natural deposits: the dwarves' resistance to lyrium and their unparalleled expertise in mining underpins a trade more lucrative than silver or veridium. Nevertheless, tales of madness, side-effects and death continue to plague those who deal in it. The legendary reputation of dwarven weapons and armor rests on their Smith caste's talent for working lyrium into steel. It is used in the production of enchantment, and by the Formari branch of the Circle of Magi. Lyrium consumption strengthens a mage's relation to the Fade, thereby boosting mana. Even the templars are said to indulge its use for the purpose of anti-magic. - DA2 Official Guide p. 252)
    • +Add lyrium well, lyrium idol stuff in main lyrium page) + also add Dragon Age Keep - The Descent choice as reference: "The Inquisitor stopped the earthquakes and discovered the secret origin of lyrium." + Dagna quote "Lyrium is the heart. In certain rational patterns, it beats like something alive. That's how I see it."
  • Red lyrium
  • Enchantment
  • Rune (turn it into a full article + "Runes are magical symbols that can be grafted onto other items to enhance their power with a specific enchantment. [...] "The creation of the rune first requires a Design. Although the attribute of a rune is determined by its Design, its potency derives from the power of the item to which it is attached." DA2 Official guide p. 214))
    • Dagna quotes:
      • "So! A mage can make your weapons do things, but with the right runes, the right rarities, your toys become wonders!"
      • "It's the one thing mages can't do. Drives them mad. Literally!"
      • "Dwarves are resistant, so it doesn't affect us, mostly."
      • "Coming form the Smith Caste, I know the value of mastering a craft. Did you know, dwarves invented enchanting, probably!"
  • Surface dwarves (also check User:Viktoria_Landers/Sandbox_1)
  • Currency (WoT Merchant's Guild p. 74 + p. 180)
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