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Ambrose CouslandEdit

Born: 9:03 Dragon (8th of Pluitanis/Guardian) Age: 38 as of 9:41 Dragon Traits: Intelligent Strategic Compassionate Loyal Merciful Seasoned Weapon Speciality: Sword and Shield Class Speciality: Champion Spirit Warrior Status: Alive Rank: Warden-Commander (former) Family: Anora (wife) Alive Abigail (daughter)[Headcanon] Alive Morrigan (Lover) Alive

Wilson TrevelyanEdit

Born: 9:05 (28 of Ferventis/Justinian)

Age: 35/36 as of 9:41 Dragon

Lover: Cassandra

Class: Warrior

Speciality: Sword & Shield

Faith: Andrastian

Traits: Humble, Modest, Helpful, Compassionate, Loyal, Determined, Intelligent, Inquisitive, Respectful, Reasonable, Merciful

My ProtagonistsEdit

Ambrose Cousland -Participated in the Dark Ritual with Morrigan -King of Ferelden -Spared Loghain -Warden-Commander -Arl of Amaranthine -Put Bhelen on the throne

D'warf Aeducan (Harrowmount) -Loved Leliana -Loghain performed the Dark Ritual with Morrigan -Son with Mardy named Duncan Harrowmount

Theron the Dalish Warden -Loved Morrigan and performed Dark Ritual with her -Bhelen on the throne -Slaughtered the Dalish

Joslyn Hawke -Saved the former Werewolf -Let the Magistrates son lived -Let Harrimann live -Let Subin leave -Let Bartrand live -Made a deal with the demon


Ambrose and Anora have a daughter named Abigail in 9:32. While Anora takes time to recover, Ambrose stays in Denerim to lead the nation while taking care of his daughter. With being preoccupied at the moment, the king names Nathaniel Howe the acting Warden-Commander and Arl of Amaranthine. The citizens of Amaranthine aren't very accepting as another Howe as their leader, and during the acting-commander's tenure creates tension. After three months, the young Howe happily welcomes Ambrose back to the Arling.

The head of Warden research, Avernus has made some significant advancements toward his experiments: Increasing life expectancy, reducing infertility, while enhancing a warden's strength, speed, and stamina. When the circles rebelled, at least 20 magi seeking refugee from the rampaging rogue templars sought sanctuary with the Wardens. The Warden-Commander would put them through the joining, if Avernus would accept them as apprentices for his research. After thinking over it for a brief moment, Avernus agrees to train the young and inexperienced magi, if they survive their joining. Fourteen out of the twenty recruits survived the ritual showing Avernus that they might just have what it takes to be a Grey Warden.

During the fifth blight, the Teyrnir of Gwaren was ransacked by the darkspawn moving north. With most of the population fleeing in terror or being slaughtered, not a single letter has been recieved even years after the archdemon was defeated.

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