About meEdit

Basically, I'm a big gamer in role-playing games. Always wanted to do the right thing in games, but some times thigns call for gray areas.

DA:O Profiles Edit

Xeran CouslandEdit

Phoenie MaharielEdit

Thalia CouslandEdit

  • Human Noble Origin, female Rogue­


Duran AeducanEdit

Sereda AeducanEdit

  • Dwarf Noble, Warrior
  • Romanced Alistair
  • Made Bhelen king and preserved Anvil


  • Dwarf Commoner Origin, Rogue
  • Made Bhelen king and destroyed Avil
  • Romanced Leliana
  • Recruited Loghain, did Dark Ritual

Henry AmellEdit

  • Male human Magi Origin
  • Conspired with Jowan
  • Chose Harrowmont and preserved Anvil
  • Made Ultimate Sacrifice

Greta AmellEdit

  • Female human Magi Origin
  • Love interest Leliana
  • Chose Bhelen

Theron TabrisEdit

DAII ProfilesEdit

Garrett HawkeEdit

  • Warrior
  • Love interest - Isabela

Erica HawkeEdit

  • Rogue
  • Love interest -- Isabela.

William HawkeEdit

  • Mage
  • Love interest -- Merrill
  • Fate -- Supported templars and became viscount

Alyssa HawkeEdit

  • Warrior
  • Romanced Anders

Hector HawkeEdit

  • Rogue
  • Love interest -- Isabela
  • Supported templars and became viscount

My contributionsEdit

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