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I remember playing FFXI back in the day.  And then it came out for the PS3 and I was like "Damn console gamers!"  Now I'm playing Dragon Age: Origins on the XBox 360, *frownie face*.  Anyways, gaming history that goes back to tabletop D&D (the original) back in the 80's, extends to mudding in the 90's, and finishes with computer/console games and MMOs.

I'm loving Dragon Age: Origins from both a player and a designer perspective.  I've done a fair share of RPG computer game design, including writing my own MUD from scratch.  I feel as if the system in Dragon Age has been really well designed.  I'd *love* to see co-op play especially on the XBox 360, as I feel that the aspects of party coordination would be really fun to explore.

Also, as a pet project, I think my new goal is to get Dragon Age to include a Lady Gagaesque set of armor in their game. That's hawt.

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