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Tennessee Ernie Ford is the nom de web of the author of RPG guides. No relationship to the fantabulous gospel singer of the same name is intended or implied.

Fantabulous! (But not the wiki's TEF)
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Before wikis, cRPG guides were written in paper & pencil.
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford's Guide to Enroth (MM6)
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford's Guide to Erathia (MM7)
  • TEF's Guide to Tamriel (Morrowind, Published via wiki, forums)
  • TEF & the Dark Savant (Wizardry 8, Published via forums)

/Resign, aka A Bug Too Far Edit

After getting to the The Final Battle, I have uninstalled the game after suffering one bug too many. As much as I enjoyed the truly epic part of the game and character interaction, the interface has knocked me down for the last time. The final blow: repeatedly attempting to use potions with the game canceling the action in favor of something else (yes: I tried using different potions, disabling auto-tactics, selecting the relevant character, etc.).

The game has some great moments, but they punctuate hours of annoying tedium:

  • Tactics flawed: cannot add a tactic in middle of cycle; cannot copy a tactic across toons; limited # of tactics (punishes player for having low level toons).
    • Requires constant tinkering with tactics or micromanaging party, either of which takes away from immersion in the game.
  • Load times flawed: load times increase in duration after short game times or perhaps auto-saves and/or loading certain areas (esp. Denerim)
  • Arbitrariness of Locked Areas: areas become locked without warning (preventing completion of side-quests); not at all obvious which areas allow map travel or party swapping
  • Inventory system flawed: cannot equip companions in camp; not clear which items will become important (without spoilers) making limited storage space a problem.
  • Copyright protection system flawed: requires being always online; if issues connecting, cannot play game.

I really wanted to like this game...

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Mods I Would Like to See in DA:O Edit

These are mods that I think Dragon Age needs to be a great game. (I'll add links as I find them; feel free to suggest/comment on my talk page.)

Empty In Brief Description Status/Notes
Maybe Storage How can a great game fail to provide storage? Best mod: Mischa the Hoarder adds unlimited storage and sorting (also offers game imbalancing items — must resist clicking).
Worst mod: the tal chest — doesn't hold much and is a tiny bit buggy
Maybe Useful descriptions [The in-game mouse-over help is near useless. Should have formulas and details. Best mod: Project 1117 is better than a good start at fixing this.
Yes Rebuild characters There needs to be a way to change all stats/skills. Project 469 adds an NPC that resets the build. Still might be some issues around tomes.
Nope Better item sort/filter Items sort strangely (esp gifts); too many items end up in 4th slot, not enough in 3rd. Mod should put gifts into "Jewelry" category and change sort orders so that stuff at top or bottom is more commonly used.
Nope No more AD&D Merchants! Don't you hate traveling the map to find a flask? Give all merchants the same inventory list, same buy/sell rates, and unlimited craft materials.
Remove all armor/weapons. (no more game-imbalancing purchases).
Add a merch to Camp that offers basic, level-appropriate kit (e.g. light/med/heavy armor, etc.)
Yes Better tinting There's not all that much difference between tattoo colors, is there? Project 750 increase the contrast. Not essential, but this looks much better than default.
Yes Actual tactics You can't leave an AI with only 3 customizable commands, especially if it takes 6 clicks to force a change between a ranger and a scrapper. The advanced tactics mod adds commands, but more importantly, tweaks the default AI.
Useful other utilities
  • Project 353 is a 4th party character builder, allowing you to play with toon builds before committing them in the game.
  • Projec 690 adds automatic looting for containers. Doesn't work with everything, but saves a lot of needless mouse-clicks.
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