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In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. ―Erasmus

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I may or may not be of a certain gender, live in a place, have an age and do stuff. The end.

My Dragon Age Stories


Rylock will not be so easily dissuaded. The authority of the Chantry supersedes that of the crown in this situation. The Wardens are helping a maleficar, and she will not allow it. However, what she has failed to realize is that she's after the wrong mage.

Anders, You Idiot

Anders has been running from things his entire life: the Circle, the Chantry, the Wardens, but no matter how fast or how far he runs, his past is bound to one day catch up with him. That day is today; a familiar woman arrives at his clinic, and she has some questions for Anders, starting with this: what ever happened to Justice?

The Future Is So Much Brighter

Merrill used blood magic and fixed the Eluvian so that her people could reclaim some of their past, but it ended in disaster. An old friend comes to teach her a very important lesson. The catch? Her friend is dead.

The Hero and the Herald

Emotions. Love. Pain. I can feel them all at once. Countless emotions... Cullen has been in love twice, and both times his love was forbidden. Now his first love reveals herself to him once more to convince him that this time, his second love doesn't have to be that way. The only thing that is holding him back, she says, is himself.

In Death, Sacrifice

There are six, but only one can become the Grey Warden needed to save Ferelden from the coming Blight. The others will be left to their own fates since Duncan is not there to save them. Their endings are tragic, but in return for the downfall of five of these individuals, one will go on to save the world.

Like a Rose

Many died at the Conclave, and only one survived. Cassandra knew that he had been there, and though she didn't see it, she knows he is gone. She hasn't thought about it, though; someone of her rank has no time to mourn. However, when a young girl arrives at Haven looking for Cassandra, the Seeker may be forced to deal with it regardless of whether she wants to or not.

The Lost Warden

A Grey Warden has disappeared, and now two fellow Wardens seek him out. However, their search is futile, for Anders is now beyond anyone's reach.

The Price to Pay

The memory that had long haunted Cullen comes back to meet him face-to-face. Cullen then learns of the grave price which came with his position of Knight-Commander of Kirkwall. [RETCON]

You can do nothing but watch as it crashes down and burns to the ground. Right before your eyes. Nothing left but empty words, broken dreams and lies.
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