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salam cava labas ana sofia

Hi. I'm, uh, Samahl, I guess. Pro-mage. Zevran, Isabela, and (unfortunately, quite against my will) Fenris lover. I am also a linguistics nerd, who finds the inconsistencies/sloppiness in both the elven language and (especially) Qunlat tiresome.

Planned Inquisition characters below. Everything is liable to change, of course.

Characters Edit


A female elven rogue.

She hates humans, and is passionate about elven rights. She sympathizes with mages' oppression, particularly the oppression of elven mages by humans who force their values on her kind.


A male human rogue.

He is very financially motivated and opportunistic, prioritizing his own safety and comfort above all else. He sympathizes with mages in their desire for freedom, but only passively, and will not hesitate to throw them to the wolves if it suits him.

Issala AdaarEdit

A female qunari rogue.

She is conflicted about the mages due to the Qun's beliefs about saarebas, feeling as though she is obligated to honor her roots, but at the same time, feeling a disconnect with her heritage. She feels an affinity with elves (especially city elves) for this very reason. She has even more difficulties with elven mages, as the Dalish (i. e. native elven culture) do not view magic as a negative thing.


A male elven rogue.

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