About meEdit

Hi, i'm 24, engineering student... From Scandinavia... I've taken great pleasure in everything that Bio Ware has ever created, and have much enjoyed the help of the wiki's, so I thought, it might be time to help out...

-"Aren't you supposed to be ten feet tall? With lightning shooting out of your eyes" -Nathaniel

-"I am William Wallace"

-"He's seven feet tall!"

-"Aye, and if he was here, he would consume the english with balls of fire from his eyes and bolts of ligtning from his arse!" -Braveheart

-"Hmm, there's a certain similarity between those two quotes..." -Me

My contributionsEdit

  • High Dragon: Exploits
  • Camp: Glitches
  • Dwarf Noble Origin: Trivia
  • Specializations: Bugs
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