aka QuirkyNature

  • I live in Deep Roads
  • My occupation is Baker :|
  • I am Hurlock!

About QuirkyNatureEdit

QuirkyNature is the (self-appointed and self-approved) resident DAWiki troll.

His e-bros include User: Andy the Black, User: Lemonaidz, User: Futonrevoltion, User: Tommyspa and User: CommanderCousland.

QuirkyNature worhips each post by User: The Grey Unknown, User: WarPaint, User: LVTDUDE, User: King Cousland, User: Dorquemada, User: Xelestial, User: Futonrevoltion and User: Ygrain.

QuirkyNatue's fellow haters include: User: Andy the Black, User: Hunter Zealot, User: Dorquemada and User: Markurion. List to be continued as QuirkyNature's memory recalls.

QuirkyNature is an excellent baker of hate cake. He insists you try some.

All glory to the Hypno--King Cousland.

My contributionsEdit

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