About meEdit

29, male, Dragon Age geek from Scotland.  I live with my cat Ninja and am currently unemployed.  I write, play computer games, and do small scale sculpture in my spare time.

I am currently working on a sculpture of Zevran.  Its the first full figure I have tried before, so it may end up in disaster, but nothing like practice to make things better.

I try to help here, but still finding my feet on this wiki.  Please bear with me folks.

Oh, as a side note, I tend to work on things in spurts, so if I havn't done anything in a few days, I havn't forgotten about it.

My GameplayEdit

DA 00 small

This is my favourite character Darrian

Being that I play on the PS3, I don't have access to screenshots or anything, so I signed up to the bioware site in the hopes of posting my characters avatar.. unfortunately my favourite character Darrian is not showing it despite all my efforts of changing armour, saving, levelling up etc. But yeah, you can see my character profiles here:




I hope that works. I think you have to be logged into your bioware account to view them.

I have since completed the game with him, and he was up to level 22 or something, but it never seems to update that. Damn errors >.<

Update: It is official, I am addicted. I purchased the pc version and books of the game cheaply on Amazon.

Currently getting seriously, seriously frustrated with the toolset, it just keeps erroring me instead of working. Even with the help pages, I can't make it function :( Waste of buying the PC version if I can't get it to work.

My contributionsEdit

I am currently making a list of the items sold by the different vendors, and the cost.  So far I am working on those in Orzammar and going from there.  I have been putting them within the discussion sections because the costs and amounts may vary depending on the plot etc, so input from others is still needed.  So far I have done:

For those wishing to contact me to talk about the Project Bodahn you can add me to either;

MSN messenger :

Yahoo messenger:

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