About me Edit

I bought just Dragon Age: Awakening Dragon Age is my favourite game series. I love the fantasy world, but I prefer my own life more so I don't play a lot. I am not into DLC- packages, I have only one: Stone Prisoner( gained from my Collector's Edition). I would buy Grey Warden's keep and Witch Hunt, but I haven't Visa.

I pre-ordered DA2 and received it on 10th March. Awesome game!!!



My Characters from DA:O Edit

Lyna, lvl 25 ranger ( a nice, friendly, righteous Dalish elf. Was in love with Alistair, until he dumped her. Maybe Awakening shows do they meet again... Deavon, lvl 25 rogue (stealth assassin) First he was like shit,hard to play in expert, but now Deavon is a true assassin like Zevran. Deavon betrayed the Dalish (He is an elf from Alienage) and united with werewolves. He was love with Leliana, until Leliana attacked Deavon while Deavon was pouring some dragon blood into ashes. Poor Leliana, wrong choice. Lyna has saved City of Amaranthine. Darkar(The Great) lvl 25 mage (maybe my best character, blood mage with evil decisions, but is spirit healer also. Easy to play with no hax-stuff in nightmare difficulty. He hates the life in Circle, and has great urgent to destroy everything (except Morrigan,oh lovely Morrigan). Darkar is overpowered, and more powerful in Awakening. Darkar could solo easily. He thinks more power and himself than others, so all on his way will be destroyed no matter how strong they are. Darkar defended Vigil's Keep, because now it's his property. Elise Cousland, a lovely lady from Highever. She has Rashanta's light armor (downloaded from and is in love with Alistair. She is a beautiful, kind woman, but can be as deadly as gorgeous too. Elise slaughtered Howe for his crimes (let's see what happens to his son in Awakening. Lady Cousland masters dual weapon arts and rogue talents, in fact, she is a duelist (not stealth assassin style). Surprisingly, she is now the Queen of Fereldren and rules together with Alistair, the king of Fereldren. Victor is my newest 25 lvl warrior. He is righteous and brave. He has none but one weakness. Women. He almost got tore apart because Leliana found out about Victor and Morrigan's relationship. Leliana isn't hardened and that's why she may leave my Warden because Victor will be married with Queen Anora. He hasn't talked with Leliana for a while...let's see after defeating the Archdemon.

All my Wardens have gone through Dark Ritual, with someone's help or on their own. I was planning to make a dwarf noble templar tank (called Brute), but he is only lvl 8 now and DA2 was launched so.... I though he would be the guy to finish Paragon of Her Kind as first quest, sacrifice himself to Archdemon and romance with Leliana till the end.

Dragon Age 2 Edit

Oh I love this game. SO DYNAMIC! Action, blood, lust, thrilling cutscenes. More difficulty.

I wanted to play "safe", so I started with default Hawke male, and building a templar tank. I have recruited all except that elven girl (Mithra or something?) Isabela is my favourite <3

Notice Edit

When you see a nick called PureSlayer, it's usually the same person, me. Who am I? I sometimes wonder that too.

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