About me[edit | edit source]

I am a single mother living in Dublin.  I love RPG's and there are very few shooters I can get really involved in.

For my Dragon Age: Origin's characters, if you view my Bioware page, you'll see I'm most fond of having Rogue's as my main character.  Mainly because it's easier to level up as a rogue by opening all of the chests/doors you encounter.  I also like the skills that come with being a rogue.  I have completed the game 4 times as my Dalish Elf female and once as my City Elf male.  I started a game as a dwarf to see the origins story for the noble, but haven't yet been a dwarf female or done the commoner story.

My favourite NPC to partner with is Zevran because I see his story as the most interesting in the game.  Alistair is all well and good but he is a little bit over sweet.  Morrigan is just nasty and I'll only partner with her when I play through the game doing the worst possible things because they apparently please her.  Leliana...I'll make an attempt but she is, personally, just so boring and a holy roller.  Neither qualities are something I'm interested in, and her conversations as part of the group just aren't funny.  Zevran is very funny but also very real...enough of my Zevran love.

In each playthrough I have done the morally right thing and have one ending left to experience including recruiting the 'secret companion' which I have not done yet.  I have gotten to level 22 with each of my other playthroughs...and I'm quite embarrassed to say how many I've actually done to date!!  I've been queen and partnered with every available romance option even struggling and choking as I put up with Leliana to see if I found her more enduring as a romance option but no, she was still incredibly boring and far too chantry obsessed for me.

Okay, I have gone through and tried the morally 'wrong' thing to do with my characters.  Although Reaver is cool, there doesn't ever seem to be much benefit to choosing the morally wrong choice.  In Broken Circle, you lose Wynne, recruit Loghain, you lose Alistair, destroy the ashes you lose Wynne and possibly Leliana, kill the Dalish and Morrigan is the only one it makes happy and you lose the shops/quests in the dalish village.  The werewolves have no quests for XP for you.

So now with my rogue love I'm hoping to complete a game as a warrior and a mage.  Pain in the rear as it may be.  I really wish developers gave you the option of learning Deft Hand skills for both Warrior and Mage as not until after you recruit Leliana will you have access to someone who can open chests.  Of course my preference is Zevran and developers clearly intended for him to be strictly melee with Leliana being the theif, so he has no deft hand skills.  Very much a bummer as we all know the best places to get free goods are in those locked chests, none of the ones in the Tower of Ishal or the Korkari Wilds are accessible to you unless you're a rogue.  Again, bummer!!

Hope some DLC will come out making for a longer game and more depth to the romance sub-plot...because I'm a sucker for romance sub-plot if I like the characters involved!

Favourite RPG of all Time[edit | edit source]

Has to be Final Fantasy VII.  My favourite character of all time in RPG's is Sephiroth.  A villain you can sympathise with and understand.  The common every man who rose to greatness and then learned he'd been screwed and used by a large company.  I think I'd be pissed off too!!  Best RPG music composer alive has to be Nobou Uematsu, who has done music for most of the Final Fantasy games including VII and the amazing One Winged Angel as well as FFVII's Liberi Fatali.

Dragon Age is only my second Bioware RPG.  The first was Mass Effect.  I enjoy the fact that Dragon Age has more variety over the entirety of the game play based on which type of character you choose to become.  Responses are completely different say if you're an elf, which I usually am.  Only bummer in Mass Effect was that the game was the same save for your skills and one quest line which was based on your birth choice.  Looking forward to Mass Effect 2 and hopefully it improves upon the great game that Mass Effect was.

Favourite Origin Story[edit | edit source]

1. City Elf

2. Dalish Elf

3. Human Noble

Favourite Things[edit | edit source]

Favourite Class: Rogue

Favourite Romance Option: Zevran - Always romance him...love him!

Lease Favourite Romance Option: Leliana - 'Your eyelashes are like Butterflies'...freak.

Favourite Companion:

1. Zevran - By a landslide!!

2. Shale

3. Oghren

4. Wynne

Favourite Companion Group:

1. Zevran, Oghren and Wynne

2. Zevran, Alistair and Wynne

3. Zevran, Shale and Oghren

Favourite Single Line:

"I swallowed it but it's...ah...recently come back into my possession...so to speak." (The Hungry Deserter)

Favourite Single Companion Quote:

"Painted Elf?  Oh!  That's me.  Oh, I do like that."

Best Running Gags:

1. Zevran's constant wish to speak of Wynne's bosom when she asks if he would like to discuss his past as an assassin.

2. Oghren's drunkeness.

3. Shale's obsession with pigeons and other birds.

Best Warden Optional Line to a Companion:

"So you're not just a bastard, you're a royal bastard."

Favourite Specialisation[edit | edit source]

1. Ranger - Nothing like adding another companion to a tough battle - and one immune to 1 hit kill attacks too!

2. Assassin

3. Beserker

Toughest Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle that most surprised me: GaxKang - Well hello kind sir...what the hell??!!

Only Battle that managed to kill me giving me the 'Your Journey is Over' screen (only happened once): Broodmother

Achievements[edit | edit source]

All Romances.

Recruited all companions.

Experienced all endings.

Chosen both sides of all quests.

Have become queen.

Have returned to Highever to rebuild with Fergus.

Have chosen to rebuild the Wardens.

Have chosen to travel.

Have chosen to return to my Clan.

Have received every epilogue outcome possible with Zevran.

Found all Essences in the Fade.

Found all plot specific gifts.

Have done all companion quests.

Have been nice and cruel to my betrothed as a City Elf.

Have threatened Duncan as a City Elf.

Mastered all skills over all playthroughs save for Trap Making.

Have killed Loghain myself and allowed Alistair to kill him.

Have unlocked all specialisations save for Blood Mage.

Have completed all DLC currently available in Ireland.

Playthroughs...an embarrassing number of them.

Have crafted Starfang (longsword).

Have killed Brother Genitivi and let him live (without desecrating the ashes).

Have unlocked every door and chest available in the game.

Have activated all Landmark spots with Dog (or Odin/Dante as I called him).

Have defeated the archdemon without any companion falling in battle.

Have defeated the high dragon without any companion falling in battle.

Have found all of the Black Vials.

Have received a full set of Effort & Duty, Legion of the Dead, Diligence, Drakeskin, Superior Drakeskin and Dragon Skin armour.

Have had more than one character with two maxed specialisations.

Defeated GaxKang.

Breached 400 points of damage using the Arrow of Slaying at Level 16!

Reached level 20 as a Mage

Reached level 20 as a Warrior

Reached level 20 as a Rogue

I have received all XBox 360 achievements now and can happily go back to just playing my rogue!

My contributions[edit | edit source]

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