Current Projects[edit | edit source]

World Map Quest Locations, World Map Encounters, DLC World Map Locations[edit | edit source]

Cancelled Project: I don't have the interest anymore.

Trying to standardize the World Map Encounter and World Map pages, and get screenshots of the various areas that do not have attached images. Similarly my ultimate goal is to expand the encounter page, and put names/pages to all of the areas that can be happened upon in the game(such as the actual name of Taoran's camp, etc). It should make the Traveler achievement easier to acquire, which is why none of the Random Encounter lists so far have DLC content included.

Pages marked as completed may need some rephrasing/higher quality images otherwise they should be up to date and correct. This list is obviously missing some encounters which haven't had pages created as of yet. If you create a new page for one of the World Map Encounters, the preferred method is to use an Involved In section over the "|quests =" locationInfobox command.

Dead Container links can be linked instead to the Containers page ( Example Container ), if you don't see that type of container already listed there add it in so the container list eventually gets completed as well.

  • World Map Encounters

This list is now complete, I took the area names for all random encounters straight from the toolset.

Note: Battlefield arrangements of enemy units are optional in the articles but may be useful for people wanting to study the layout prior to attempting the fights on harder difficulties.

Bloody Plains (Completed.)
Dark Forest (Completed.)
Deserted Farmland (General cleanup, area image and an image of the area map.)
Desolate Highway (Completed.)
Forest Clearing (Completed.)
Forest Incline (Completed)
Forest Path (Needs an image of the area map.)
Forest Stream (Needs an area image and an image of the area map..)
Gentle Path (Completed.)
Hillside Path (Needs exact enemy/loot numbers and an area image not featuring the players main character.)
Lakeside Road (Area image and an image of the area map.)
Low Road (Needs exact enemy/loot numbers and general cleanup)
Narrow Road (Image of the area map, exact loot numbers (if any), verification of the x9 demon templar enemies.)
Out of the Way (Area image and an image of the area map..)
River Crossing (Exact enemy/loot numbers.)
Roadside (Needs an exact enemy/loot count and general cleanup.)
Roadside Field (Completed.)
Roadside Stop (Area image and an image of the area map, also exact clone numbers.)
Rocky Road (Needs exact enemy and ally numbers.)
Steep Path (Needs an image of the area map.)
Strange Wood (Completed.)
Taoran's Camp (Needs extensive work, it is the most basic of stub pages at the moment.)
The Crater (Completed.)
The Long Road (Origins) (Needs general cleanup, exact enemy/loot/trap numbers.)
The Low Road (Completed.)
Trade Route (Needs general cleanup, and exact enemy numbers.)
Treacherous Path (Completed.)
Twisted Forest (Completed.)
Twisted Path (Exact trap/enemy/barricade numbers, and general cleanup.)
Winding Road (Exact loot numbers, area image, image of the area map and general cleanup.)
Wooded Glen (Completed.)
Wooded Highway (Completed.)
Wooded Hills (General cleanup, exact enemy/trap/loot numbers.)

  • World Map Quest Locations

Deep Woods (Image of the area map, exact enemy numbers.)
Battlefield (General cleanup and exact enemy/loot numbers.)
Caravan (Exact enemy/loot numbers, and general cleanup.)
Civil War (Completed.)
Kadan-Fe Hideout (Image of the area map.)
Refugees (Completed.)
Haven (General cleanup, and exact loot/enemy numbers.)

  • DLC World Map Quest Locations

Honnleath (Completed.) / Wilhelm's Cellar (Completed.)
Return to Ostagar Locations (General cleanup, addition of new areas/maps, enemy numbers, loot tables by area, etc, etc)
Soldier's Peak (General cleanup, exact enemy numbers, better loot tables, interior maps, etc.)
Sulcher's Pass (Completed.)
Cadash Thaig (Exact enemy numbers.)

Finished Projects[edit | edit source]

Collapse of the Chantry (Prequel)[edit | edit source]

Made notes of the plot points in Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening that allow a player to remove nearly all chantries that have appeared in the game franchise. They will either be destroyed or abandoned in the epilogues, culminating in the start of the Mage-Templar war in Dragon Age II. I also documented the locations of blessings and prayers, created and expanded the Chapels in Thedas section and made an observational note about chapels in the trivia section.

Dwarven Antiquities[edit | edit source]

Documented all instances of Golem Control Rods and Lyrium Wells.

Gold Tests - Dwarf Noble Rogue[edit | edit source]

Researched the amount of gold a Dwarf Noble Rogue could generate by the time the Party Camp is first reached after Lothering, its in the neighborhood of 95 gold, give or take depending on random loot. This means a dwarf noble rogue does not need to sell any downloadable content to purchase The Spellward before Bodahn's inventory resets. They merely need to save prior to stealing from Duncan and reload until master runes are stolen, similar reload tricks are required for random containers (chests, corpses after battles, etc).

Shale is from Redcliffe[edit | edit source]

Finished documenting the leftover scripts, items, and evidence of Shale originally being part of the base version of the game instead of downloadable content.

Herbalism Items[edit | edit source]

Finished updating the herbalism objects which were not self explanatory with effects, and the duration of those effects. In the future I may standardize all herbalism objects and pages, but right now I feel the above current projects are more important.

Greater Elixir of Grounding
Lesser Elixir of Grounding
Greater Ice Salve
Lesser Ice Salve
Incense of Awareness
Greater Nature Salve
Lesser Nature Salve
Rock Salve
Greater Spirit Balm
Lesser Spirit Balm
Swift Salve

Axameter[edit | edit source]

Solved the mystery of Axameter and the Strange Wood. Special thanks to all those who participated in the talk page about the axe, I couldn't have nailed down this article without your help and clues to it's location.

Nugbane[edit | edit source]

Thanks to Tierrie the mystery behind this weapon was solved, it's currently bugged. PC users see the link to the weapon above for a fix of the bug.

Dead Metal Bucket[edit | edit source]

Yet again, the credit for this one goes to Tierrie. It doesn't exist on any NPC in the game. See the above link for a workaround to this problem.

Dwarven Defender[edit | edit source]

Added a workaround to acquire this item which was left out of the game at release.

Lord Anwer Dace Discount[edit | edit source]

Discovered that his discount gives 25% off the price of goods carried by Gorim. See A Prince's Favor: The First Task for more information.

Shaperate's Blessing[edit | edit source]

Added a workaround to acquire one, or all three of the Shaperate's Blessing items that were previously part of a bugged miniquest.

Discovered Exploits/Glitches[edit | edit source]

Animate Dead[edit | edit source]

Double skeleton.

Morrigan didn't cast it.

Discovered the animate dead exploit (not tested with v1.02a), allowing you to have two skeletons if the first was a mage. While it may be exclusive to the Ruined Temple, it's still a nice summoning exploit if you're playing a mage rather than a ranger. Similarly I have not tested to see if revived ranger animals (prior to v1.02a) can exist with a summoned skeleton (or two) which is something someone can play around with as it's not high on my list of things to do.

High Dragon[edit | edit source]

Blizzard glitch

Discovered you can pull the dragon with Blizzard rather than Kolgrim's Horn, though it doesn't seem to work if you side with Kolgrim which diminishes it's usefulness but it's still a neat trick.

My contributions[edit | edit source]

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