About meEdit

Magic SympathizerPoacherHarrowmont's AllyLiberatorCeremonialistFirst KnightUltimate Sacrifice
Cg ico gender female Classico rogue
Cg ico race female human Cg ico origin human noble

Yep, I'm boring: I played with a human with my hair/eye/skin coloring. Elizabeth is a relentlessly Lawful Good Bard/Duelist specializing in archery, and is my first non-magic user main in an RPG perhaps ever. (I started with a mage, but felt that the way magic users were handled within game lore--while interesting--wasn't to my liking.) In all my playthroughs thus far, I have only romanced Alistair, probably because I'm thrilled Bioware finally gave women an interesting male romantic character. (Carth Onasi, I am looking at you, buddy.) I'm an administrator on the English-language Wikipedia (though I'm not very active any more), and I've been an avid gamer since I could hold a joystick. Happy to be here!

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