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Hey, I'm Dan. Only recently got into Dragon Age when i bought a PS3 in December, since then i've developed an Obsession of all things Dragon Agey,So far i've downloaded and played all DLC's & Campaigns, Completed Awakenings and read both books and have Pre-ordered the Signature Edition of DA2. I started using the wiki after my first play-through of origins (Dwarf Noble Warrior), during my first play-through i made a few quest & companion mistakes, so i started looking things up whilst gaming, and it's always nice to find a website packed with like-minded people. This wiki has helped me in so many ways story-wise, and so i thought i should sign up and hopefully add to this brilliant site =) As you can probably tell by my name, my favourite Origin is the Dwarven noble. Any Questions? Ask away.

Tyr Aeducan ~May the Stone accept you when you Fall~

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