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I'm Latino, and a fan of science fiction and fantasy. I have an interest in different genres of stories as well.

"Look up! Look up! The clouds are lifting - the sun is breaking through. We are coming out of the darkness into the light. We are coming into a new world. A kind new world where men will rise above their hate and brutality. The soul of man has been given wings - and at last he is beginning to fly. He is flying into the rainbow - into the light of hope - into the future, that glorious future that belongs to you, to me and to all of us. Look up. Look up." - the Jewish Barber, "The Great Dictator"

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The Warden: Maximo Surana

Elven mage, Antivan descent, taken from the Denerim Alienage and raised in the Circle of Ferelden. Gender: Male. Class: Blood Mage/Arcane Warrior. Origin: Magi.

  • Agreed with Libertarian position
  • Opposed Irving, sided with Jowan
  • Named Mabari Hound "Dumat"
  • Agreed to aid the Blackstone Irregulars
  • Permitted Leliana to join the moiety crew
  • Freed Sten from his cage
  • Encouraged Avernus to continue his research
  • Saved Amalia, reunited her with Matthias
  • Freed Shale
  • Agreed to aid the Mages Collective
  • Saved Irving and rescued the Circle of Magi
  • Permitted Wynne to help stop the Blight
  • Spared Zevran, recruited him to the cause
  • Agreed to help Dagna become a member of the Circle
  • Sided with Branka and spared the Anvil of the Void
  • Crowned Bhelen the new King of Orzammar
  • Killed Flemeth, romanced Morrigan
  • Saved the village of Redcliffe
  • Returned Asala to Sten
  • Freed Jowan from his cell, he escaped Redcliffe
  • Helped bring Oghren and Felsi together
  • Went into the Fade to save Connor (with the aid of Irving)
  • Engaged in riddle and trade with the Mad Hermit
  • Returned the acorn to the Grand Oak Tree
  • Persuaded Zathrian to free the werewolves from the curse
  • Reunited Wynne with Aneirin the Healer
  • Killed Marjolaine, hardened Leliana's personality
  • Spurned Goldanna, hardened Alistair's personality
  • Allied with the Antivan Crows, let Master Ignacio live
  • Aided Taoran Hawkwind against Raelnor
  • Sided with the ambitious "K" and aided "R"
  • Spared the ashes, killed Kolgrim
  • Challenged and killed the Dragon Andraste, let Genitivi live
  • Destroyed Gaxkang the Unbound
  • Defeated Ser Cauthrien
  • Killed Caladrius
  • Aided Ser Otto and returned the Worn Amulet to the begger
  • Spared Loghain
  • Alistair agreed to rule as King with Queen Anora
  • Allowed the Tears of Andraste to be given to the local Chantry
  • Helped Shale discover Cadash Thaig
  • Burned King Cailan's body in a pyre
  • Embraced the Dark Ritual
  • Fought alongside Morrigan, Loghain, and Leliana in the Battle of Denerim
  • Placed Oghren in charge of the forces at the gate
  • Killed the Archdemon Urthemiel
  • Requested Queen Anora to give the Circle of Ferelden it's independence
  • Decided to rebuild the Grey Wardens in Ferelden (with Zevran's aid)

The Warden-Commander

Class: Blood Mage/Arcane Warrior/Battle Mage (the arling of Amaranthine). Additional class of Shapeshifter was added (in the search for Morrigan), but only first spell was avaliable.

  • Told Anders to escape
  • Permitted Oghren to join the Wardens
  • Conscripted Anders after his return
  • Regretted Mhairi's loss to the Joining
  • Spared Nathaniel, conscripted him
  • Recruited Sigrun
  • Argued with Wynne about Chantry control over the Circles
  • Allowed Velanna to join the Wardens
  • Convinced Justice to fight the darkspawn
  • Fully upgraded Vigil's Keep
  • Gained the trust and friendship of the new Wardens
  • Helped all the people in the City of Amaranthine
  • Saved Amaranthine (with Nathaniel, Sigrun, and Justice)
  • Executed the Messenger
  • Killed the Architect
  • Defeated the Mother
  • Led a rescue mission into Amgarrak with Jerrik Dace
  • Reunited with Morrigan, entered the Eluvian (with "Dumat")

The Champion: Lopez Hawke

Human mage, Antivan descent. Class: Blood Mage/Spirit Healer. Gender: male. Personality: Started off aggressive, became diplomatic.

  • Pro-mage apostate
  • Mabari Hound named "Andoral"


  • Allowed Aveline to mercy-kill Wesley
  • Joined Athenril

Act One:

  • Saved Lord Renvil Harrowmont
  • Convinced Maraas to fight
  • Assassinated the Flint Company
  • Talked down Danyla's daughter
  • Sent Feynriel to the Dalish
  • Killed Ser Karras
  • Defied Magistrate Vanard
  • Became co-owner of the Bone Pit
  • Carver was saved by Stroud

Act Two:

  • Romanced fellow apostate Merrill
  • Rivaled Starkhaven Prince Sebastian
  • Allowed Javaris Tintop to live
  • Killed the templars threatening the Dalish
  • Feynriel went to the Tevinter Imperium
  • Saved Ella from Justice/Vengeance
  • Persuaded Varric to kill Bartrand
  • Idunna revealed the location of the Tomes
  • Read Fell Grimoire, defeated Xebenkeck the Undying
  • Aided the Mage Underground
  • Sided against Mother Petrice
  • Isabela returned with the Tome of Koslun
  • Defeated the Arishok in a duel

Act Three:

  • Sided with First Enchanter Orsino
  • Agreed to aid Taarbas for no financial gain
  • Killed Danarius, Varania was spared
  • Defeated the ancient Pride Demon Hybris
  • Rewarded by the Friends of Red Jenny
  • Killed Castillon
  • Encountered Sister Nightingale
  • Aided Anders in his plot to free mages
  • Convinced Charade to give Gamlen a chance
  • Became sole owner of the Bone Pit
  • Fought alongside Zevran against the Crow assassins
  • Rescued Nathaniel in the Deep Roads
  • Fought alongside Aveline against Jeven
  • Destroyed the shard to protect Varric
  • Keran left the Order and became a mercenary
  • Told the Dalish to "Stand Down" from trying to harm Merrill
  • Left Sundermount immediately to spare the Sabrae Clan
  • Traveled to the Vimmark Wasteland with Carver, Merrill, and Varric
  • Sided with Janeka to control Corypheus and stop future Blights
  • Discovered Janeka's leadership of the Corypheus-controlled Carta
  • As a result of Janeka's treachery, sided with Larius
  • Sided against Meredith to protect the mages
  • Spared Anders, lost Sebastian
  • Donnic and the guards protected the civilians
  • Stayed with Merrill after ending Meredith's tyranny

- The Marquis: Javier de Serault, the Scholar

  • Morrigan was welcomed to Serault
  • Warden Carver Hawke was allowed to stay
  • The Dowager's illness was cured, and the wyvern defeated
  • The Elegant Abbess was romanced
  • The Errant Siblings were brought to Serault and judged
  • The Guildmistress becomes the new counsellor
  • The Silent Hunter becomes the bodyguard
  • The glassworkers were censured
  • The Purveyor of Teas becomes the accomplice
  • The Marquis of Alyons, His Dour Lordship, was imprisoned
  • The Horned Knight was handed over the man who killed his deer-son
  • The Horned Knight was persuaded to allow the Abbess to construct her road through the forest
  • The children who pelted the Dowager were given a hard sentence
  • The Freehold for the Kindly Knight was refused
  • The Elusive Iconoclast was sent into retreat at the Abbey
  • The bereskarn was killed
  • The Wayward Bard was rescued and returned to Serault
  • The Chantry was broken into and the Anchoress was encountered, who was welcomed to Serault
  • The Cult of Masked Andraste was successfully encountered during their rite
  • Divine Justinia V was deceived about the break-in at the Chantry
  • The stain on Serault's honor was removed

- The Inquisitor: Revas Lavellan

A Dalish mage of Clan Lavellan who loves his people, accepts magic as a gift of the Creators, believes in the elven pantheon, refutes the religious connotations of the mantle of Herald of Andraste, refuses to convert to the Andrastian faith and views spirits and blood magic as more complex than simple 'good' or 'evil'.

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