• I live in Mid-Atlantic, USA
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is Student/Sys Admin
  • I am Female
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About meEdit

I work in IT, which means sometimes I'm too tired of troubleshooting things to look tech in the eye when I have free time. This makes for bursts of edits, followed by crickets for several months.

I'm having a complete love affair with BioWare titles, since Baldur's Gate directly fed my old AD&D addiction. Thedas is a richly imagined, highly detailed world - the DragonAge Wiki serves a wonderful purpose keeping it all straight for fans of the franchise.

I'm relatively new to wiki editing, though I've spent some time on the Just Cause 2 wikia and learned a great deal.

I havent played DAI MP in a while, but I can be found on Origin (mostly in ME MP) as TeahouseFox.

My CharactersEdit

Because one play through is just not enough.

DAO: Daria Cousland
Cg ico gender female
Classico rogue
Cg ico race female human
Cg ico origin human noble

Magic SympathizerPoacherBhelen's AllyLiberatorCeremonialistFirst KnightA Dark Promise

DAO: Mason Amell
Cg ico gender male
Classico mage
Cg ico race male human
Cg ico race dog

Magic SympathizerPoacherBhelen's AllyLiberatorCeremonialistWine Women SongA Dark Promise

DA2: Stringfellow HawkeEdit


Stringfellow Hawke

I couldn't help this rip off, right out of the Airwolf TV series. String is a Fire/Force/Sarcasm wise-ass Mage who decided to take up with Fenris who hates wise-ass mages on general principal.

He sent his brother to the Templars, kept Anders alive and sided with the Mages.

This is the first time I've ever had more fun with a male character in a BioWare game than I did with a female. He was formerly based on an alternate DAO male mage Warden playthough (Mason, above), but I find I wished very much at the end of his game that he'd been my One True Hawke - so now he is! I am replaying his story based on my "One True Warden" (Daria Cousland). There are many play throughs, but only the One True saved game is my cannon throughout the series. Especially if the Warden and Hawke meet up in DA3. They would be each other's perfect foil.


DA2: Sparrow HawkeEdit


Sparrow Hawke

Yes, a name which is a complete ripoff from The Wizard of Earthsea trilogy. Sparrow sent Bethany to the Grey Wardens and sided with the mages. Sparrow was my "One True Hawke" whose story was based on an import of my "One True Warden" saved game. I honestly just fell in love with Stringfellow Hawke, and poor Sparrow has been demoted to an alternate playthrough universe. Sparrow is a rogue, good/sarcastic Champion, who romanced, then decided to hang on to Anders and see if she might get a chance to de-Justify him in DA3.

DA2: Cooper HawkeEdit


Cooper Hawke

This is Coop, asshat/'zerker/Templar, sided with the Templars, sent Bethany to the Wardens, got his rival-mance on with Anders, and was generally a jerk who did just about all the murder-dagger kills the game offered. Viscount of Kirkwall by game's end.

Sandboxes and Projects Edit

Cleanup of Exploits (Origins) page Edit

Note: Still needs:
  • Update sandbox copy
  • Formatting corrections
  • section edits to individual exploits
  • Can sections be nominated for removal? Delete tag doesn't seem to support it. Some of these sections are obsolete or redundant and just need removal. Wishing for a Template:DeleteSection to cover that.
  • Editing for grammar and removal of redundant or contradictory information

DA2 CharacterTag Project Edit

  • Why do the right table row borders not line up? Do I have rogue spaces in there?
  • How can I pass a value from one template to another? The friendship/rival status in the subtemplate in LegionnaireScout/sandbox_Temp2 is not being read in
  • Can I create an icon to cover a decision point, or must I only reuse the available in-game icons? In particular I'd want the icons in the middle row to agree as far as color and tone go.
  • The character portrait needs help. A border perhaps, offset against the background. If I steal the border from the BioWare Social site, should I copy it to the Wiki since it will always be the same? Probably the colors will be off and I'll have to modify it anyway.
  • Keep the Kirkwall emblem in the background?
  • Indicate lost/dead companions with ... "not" symbol? Semi-transparent layer (greyed out)? Possible companions who can be lost or killed: Everyone except Sebastian and Varric, but Sebastian is still on the table for those who do not have the Exiled Prince DLC (This option will complicate the code quite a bit)

My Favorite Wiki Help Pages (Hey, it's a learning experience...) Edit

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