• I live in Tamriel
  • I was born on May 1
  • My occupation is Wikia Founder
  • I am Female
Area-Brecilian Forest

Welcome to my Forest, You. o/ I've been waiting for you...

I Love Dragon Age

− My Character Is A Human Mage She Is A Necromancer And Is Able To Bend Will Of Her Foe's She Will Stand Against What Is Right To Protect The World. Nothing Will Stand In Her Way She Is Strong And Tough She Will Do Whatever It Takes To Save The World From Chaos.

− − Corypheus personally takes the field alongside his forces, even unleashing his ultimate weapon: A High Dragon corrupted by red lyrium. Eventually Corypheus manages to corner the Herald and attempts to reclaim the anchor, only to discover that the anchor is permanent and cannot be removed. Though upset at this setback, Corypheus vows to start over and decides to kill the Herald to eliminate a potential rival; however the Herald fires the last remaining trebuchet resulting in an avalanche which buries the village and forces Corypheus to flee.

− −


NewEgg Logitech Light-torn Steed

Light-Torn Steed is an exotic mount with the ability to fly and cover greater distances faster.

− My Necromancer Has This Amazing Steed Which Has The Ability To Fly And Cover Great Distances She Worked Hard To Get This As She Named Her Steed "Lightning" For Her Amazing Glow.

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