About meEdit

Hi all, i am Kennyannydenny. If you want to ask something to me, please ask me on my talk page.

Choices i made in Dragon Age: Origins Edit

  • Male, human noble, warrior
  • Lifted the curse in "Nature of the Beast"
  • Saved First Enchanter Irving and sided with the mages
  • Had a relationship with Leliana
  • Recruited every teammate
  • Sided with Harromonth in "Paragon of her Kind"
  • Saved both Connor and Isolde during "The Arl of Redcliffe", because of help from the Circle of Magi
  • Destroyed the Anvil of the Void
  • Made Alistair king
  • Turned down Morrigan's Ritual
  • Gave the ultimate sacrifice for Ferelden

Choices i made in Dragon Age II Edit

  • Imported the above named saved file
  • Male warrior
  • Allied with the mercenaries
  • Recruited all the party members
  • Romanced with Merrill
  • Made everyone, except Isabela (unfortunately), my friend
  • Killed the High Dragon, Hybris and Xebenkeck
  • Sided, every time i could, with the mages

My articles Edit

These are the articles i made while not being logged in:

Alchemist's Protective Handguards, Asabas-Saar Eva, Mariner Longbow, Vestments of the First, Gallows Slave Finger-Cuffs, Andruil's Braid, Ironwood Shield

These are the articles i made while being logged in:

Ring of Unheeded Wisdom, Tainted Amulet, Dwarven Dagger, Templar Defender - Standard Issue, Superior Dagger, Superior Shortbow, Ornate Corrupted Staff, Superior Hand Axe, Ornate Enchanted Staff, Enchanted Hand Axe, Sash of the Tirashan, Superior Longsword, Superior Battle Axe, Rogue Armor, Finery, Commissioned Enchanters' Staff, Rivaini Seer's Brand, Templar Defender - Superior Issue, Gloves of the Wilder, Ashen Gauntlets, Taaras-Saar Iss, Wyvernscale Gauntlets, Surfacer Stone Boots, String of Pearls, Scattered in Skyhold, Master Belt of Grenades, Maura, Giles, Whittle, The Crossroads, Superb Belt of Sunder, Superior Tonics Belt, Lyrium-Infused Staff, Lyrium-Reinforced Longbow, Revered Defender Bulwark, Stone Stalker Blade, Fade-Touched Gurgut Skin (Guard), Andraste's Sacrifice, Malika's Guard, Merchant (Winter Palace), The Clasping Maw, Codex entry: Wager Notes, Codex entry: Hard in Hightown: Chapter 13, Note: Sera's Past and Now Things, Codex entry: Notes on Palace Guests, Codex entry: Storms of Temptation, Codex entry: Iron Bull and the Last Few Years, Codex entry: Dorian and the Last Few Years, Codex entry: Hard in Hightown: Chapter 17, Codex entry: Cullen and the Last Few Years, Codex entry: Varric and the Last Few Years, Codex entry: Vivienne and the Last Few Years, Codex entry: Hard in Hightown: Chapter 14, Codex entry: Josephine and the Last Few Years, Codex entry: Leliana and the Last Few Years, Codex entry: A Dispatch from the Crown of Ferelden, Codex entry: Hard in Hightown: Chapter 18, Crumpled Silk Napkin, Gold Cravat, Silver Ring (Trespasser), Broken Mask, Codex entry: Hard in Hightown: Chapter 15, Anekerj Halffer: A Diverse Catalogue of Treasures, Note: Dedication, Codex entry: Scandalous Gossip, Lacquered Box, Caprice Coins, Bottled Cologne, Codex entry: Moonlight on the Feast of Shadows, Codex entry: Illustrated Periodical, Sigil of the Tusket, Codex entry: Plan of Attack, Note: An Unknown Agent, The Best Defense, The Best Defense Schematic, Enhanced Amulet of Accord, Shot from the Shadows, Eagle Eye, Pinning Shot (Inquisition), Shockwave (Inquisition), Leeching Poison, Barbed Spikes, No Escape, Fistful of Daggers, Lost in the Mist, Clinging Shadows, Shadow Step, Long Shadows, Rude Awakening, Frostbite, Flaming Chain, Stormrage, Bleeding Flanks, Unyielding Fangs, Surprise Attack, Patient Riposte, Flurry (Inquisition), No Witnesses, Dream of Pain, Lasting Mark, Shrapnel, One-Shot, Clear the Board - Greatest Hits

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