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Helm of the Dragon Hunter


Archon Fire Staff
Archon Lightning Staff
Aurora's Freedom
Avvar Raider Sword
Balanced Winged Longbow
Blade of Red Birth
Carta Claw
Cleave (Axe)
Dwarven Crusher
Dwarven Waraxe
Enchanter Ice Staff
Etched Axe
Fereldan Broadaxe
Firm Spiked Mace
Grey Warden Dual-Blade
Honor Guard Sword
Keen Machete
Magister Fire Staff
Magister Lightning Staff
Misfortune's Bite
Nevarran Noble Sword
Pirate Captain Cutlass
Qunari Slasher Cleave
Revered Defender Bulwark
Saboteur’s Knife
Sata-Kas Iss
Slice of Lightning
Song of the Marshes
Spiked Longbow
Staff of the Dynamo
Stone Stalker Blade
Sundering Tournament Axe
Superb Dwarven Rock-Crusher
Superior Dalish Bow
Templar Greatsword
Templar Longbow
Templar Mace
The Fowl Wind
The Whale
Tongue of Serpents
Tournament Axe
Sundering (Inquisition)
Valo-Kas Eva
Virulent Staff
War Hammer
Wicked Grace
Wyvern Tooth


Master Guard Belt

Jaws of Hakkon Schematic

Hakkon's Honor Schematic
Hakkon's Mercy Schematic
Hakkon's Valor Schematic
Hakkon's Wisdom Schematic
Hakkon's Wrath Schematic
Masterwork Brute Hammer Schematic
Armor of the Dragon Hunter Schematic
Plate Mail of the Dragon Hunter Schematic
Vestments of the Dragon Hunter Schematic

Armor Upgrade Schematic

light legs - common
light arms – rare
light legs - rare
medium arms - common
medium legs - common
medium arms - rare
medium legs - rare

Weapon Upgrade Schematic

Two-handed haft schematics
Masterwork two-handed haft schematics
Pommel schematics
Masterwork pommel schematics
Greatsword grip schematics
Masterwork greatsword grip schematics
Staff blade schematics
Masterwork Staff blade schematics
Staff Grip schematics
Masterwork Staff Grip schematics
Dagger grip schematics
Masterwork Dagger grip schematics
Dual-Blade grip schematics
Masterwork Dual-Blade grip schematics
Bow grip schematics
Masterwork Bow grip schematics
one-handed haft - common
one-handed haft - rare
two-handed haft - rare
dagger grips - rare
greatsword grip - rare
sword grip - rare
One-handed haft schematic - see: rugged/hilted/ornate/balanced
Masterwork one-handed haft schematics - 2 distinct versions

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