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I have played many bioware games growing up, I have very fond memories of games produced by the now defunct Black Isle Studios (Baldur's Gate series, Torment: Planescape, Icewind Dale etc.) And since some of the talented individuals who worked in Black Isle Studios left once Interplay went bankrupt in the late 80s (I hope I got that info correct haha it's been a while since I researched it.) I enjoy the rich worlds Bioware creates. I have played and still occasionally play WOW, and I still enjoy console games, both Xbox 360 and PS3. As for Dragon Age: Origins, I happen to play it on the 360, though I may play the PC edition in the future if my brother deigns to bring his copy out when he next visits.

I may be contacted through this Wiki, or AIM
my AIM SN is :blackheaven999
and my Xbox Live handle is: Karasu009

-More to come-

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