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Love this game!

My first playthrough was as an elven female mage on Hard difficulty. Scored the Heavy Hitter achievement with her using the Entropic Death combo on an ogre, a big highlight.

After that I went through all the other origin stories on Nightmare, and continued with a noble human male rogue. He became a super-Cunning assassin-bard which was very different, but all kinds of fun. Got Punisher and Whirling Dervish while Loghain (needed to recruit him and kill him for my final ending) earned Battery. Also, I'm Kind of a Big Deal.

Next I'm gonna follow my own gold-earning advice and play through a dwarf noble warrior to pick up Crusher, and bring Leliana along for Sharpshooter.

Looking through Hollowness' user page has convinced me to revisit the mage, with heavy armor and a big sword this time. That should just about wrap up this game until the expansion is out!

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