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DA II Character Summary

Spirit DA2
Entropy DA2


Act 1 Priorities

Spirit Bolt DA2 Spirit Bolt
Spirit Bolt DA2 Spirit Strike
Death Syphon DA2 Death Syphon
Death Syphon DA2 Death Vortex
Walking Bomb DA2 Walking Bomb
Walking Bomb DA2 Corrosive Walking Bomb
Walking Bomb DA2 Virulent Walking Bomb
Spirit Mastery Icon Spirit Mastery

FistOfTheMakerIconDA2 Fist of the Maker
Unshakable Unshakable

Act 2 Priorities

Hex of Torment Hex of Torment
Hex of Torment Death Hex
Horror DA2 Horror
Despair may refer to:
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Entropic Cloud Entropic Cloud
Entropic Cloud Death Cloud
Note: Sleep and Misdirection Hex, are used so I can get to Entropic Cloud but I don't usually use them in combat

Party Buffs:
Heroic Aura DA2 Heroic Aura
Heroic Aura DA2 Valiant Aura sustained by Anders.
Note: At the End of Act 1 (around Level 11) with Spirit Mastery and Valiant Aura: Spirit Bolt with Spirit Strike crits are 400ish, end of Act 2 600ish and end game 800ish (excluding disorient crits). This is 2nd run through details and notes are for reference. This is reference for those looking for an example and based mostly on my personal preferences. Attributes are place in Magic, then Dexterity (for +critical chance) and Cunning (for +critical damage).
Act 1 Equipment
Amulet silver DA2 Pewter Pendant of Wolves Howling at the Moon
Staff silver DA2 The Hypnotist's Staff
Ring silver DA2 Carved Ring of the Vhenadahl
Staff gold DA2 Stone's Breath
Act 2 Equipment
Staff silver DA2 Crooked Staff
Ring purple DA2 Puzzle Ring of the Black Fox
Heavy gloves gold DA2 Gloves of the Void
Act 3 End Game Equipment
Amulet purple DA2 Four-Fingered Eddie's Lucky Talisman
Belt purple DA2 Belt of Woven Elf Hair
Ring gold DA2 Orsino's Signet Ring
Staff gold DA2 Staff of Violation
Note: I have no DLCs and do not use gold/xp exploits.
Note: If I am lucky with the random generated stat drops stack +X% spirit damage, +X% critical chance, +X attack and +X% critical damage items while I wait for certain equipment. I use Spiral Eye armor set, Armor of the Overseer and Mantle of the Champion (mage) items in between as well. In this run through I was very lucky and middle/end of Act 1 I got Charged Circle Robes with +13% spirit damage, bonus for it being a nice looking chest piece since I am very picky about how my character looks :P

DA I Character Summary

Classico arcanewarrior
Battle mage icon

I know best style of Arcane Warrior uses a sword and board. However, I have customized my Mage as dual wielding caster using multiple poisons and find it overpowered. Skill priority: Max Coercion, 2 points Combat Training, 1 point Poison Making, then Max out on Combat Training, lastly Survival (2-4) points and 1 point Stealing to open questline (I usually add this while still putting points in Survival or before hand). Crowd Control with spells that weapons don't have to be sheathed (Check out Arcane Warrior Spellcasting) is a plus. I do feel like a Caster Rogue but found this much more enjoyable than a regular Rogue or regular Mage.

Main/Priority Spells On Reserve

Virulent Walking Bomb may refer to:

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Crushing Prison may refer to:

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Spell-CurseOfMortality icon Curse of Mortality
Spell-CombatMagic Icon Combat Magic
Spell-SpellMight icon Spell Might
Spell-Miasma icon Miasma
Note: This is how I played a few of my mages, this is reference for those looking for an example and based mostly on my personal preferences.

The Arcane Warrior

Classico arcanewarrior Arcane Warrior (AW), is to improve combat ability.

After leveling several different types/styles of this specialization this is what I found to be optimal with chance of personal preference/customization and party flexibility. I don't want to be told how to play a cookie cutter spec and play style and I don't expect anyone else to either. These are recommendations and things I researched on the specialization.


Easy guides to where to put your attributes if you know what you are looking for for role and/or second Specialization.

  • Strength - no points need to go into this stat (ref. Combat Magic)
  • Dexterity - 26-28 and if dual wielding 26-30+ (for using weapons besides staves)
  • Willpower - Spirit Healer support, with high fatigue AW maybe likely to have similar points to magics 40-50+
  • Magic - represents both Magic and Strength if Combat Magic is active 40-50+
  • Cunning - while in the fade you can get 5 free cunning attributes no more points need to go into this attribute
  • Constitution - for Blood Mage support or Defender role 30-40+ if not 16-20+

How to Level and Play

Even with the intent to have an Arcane Warrior, keep mind you do still start out as just a mage and play as one for a while and wait till you have key spells you plan to use and the Specialization point ready, for when the time comes to use the items/spells. Start off by reading and noticing what level each Arcane Warrior Spells are available, then look over all the Spells and then make reference to Arcane Warrior Spellcasting if you plan to wield anything besides the staff this is something to pay attention to. Drawing and sheathing weapons is time consuming and unless it is a very good spell I'd refrain to as few sheathed weapon spells as you can or you could be juggling your weapons quite a bit or stick to staff. As you level to get to your Specialization keep in mind the spells you want to use once you can go Arcane Warrior.

Once spec'ed Combat Magic, spells and combinations, supporter, defender, debilitator, damager or healer or any custom tactics and role can be sorted and set up. Then you can work on the gear, once you decide your game style and gear/equip type you can start picking up or purchasing if you haven't already.

Role in your Party

  • Supporter - not necessarily a healer but may have a healing ability, you buff your self and your party
  • Defender - AOE spells and armor/shield spells are very useful
  • Debilitator - hexes, dispel and other penalty spells
  • Damager - a nuker mostly straight up damage spells
  • Healer - full time or part time a few healing spells and/or support spells for you self and party
  • Custom and Hybrids - a clean slate for the ambitious

One or more Mages in your Party

Setting up your party the more mages the better, custom spec'ing to created and optimal party. To get the idea have a Defender/Damager mage and a Healer/Supporter mage or Debilitator/Damage mage and Damager/Healer mage in your party, are just some suggestions. Having your Arcane Warrior team up with a another Arcane Warrior can work out well.

Second Specialization

Battle mage icon Battlemage - Awakening only, Sustained damaging abilities and Hand of Winter, seem like the greater threat and damage missing for a nuking or tank mage. I believe this combination was to be intentional, since 'Arcane Warrior' could be lightly considered a 'Battlemage' even before this was a specialization.
Classico bloodmage Blood Mage, Those with mana troubles some use Blood Magic to work out that problem. Not recommended for tanking since Blood Magic healing debuff, taking damage and casting can deplete your health fast. However, balancing by activating and deactivating Blood Magic, if up for the complexity can work.
Classico Keeper Keeper - Awakening only, This is a good balanced specialization with crowd control, shield and health regeneration for an Tank, Debilitator or Supporter/Healer.
Icon shapeshifter Shapeshifter, As a AW Defender, can use Shapeshifting for armor but not for attack since Combat Magic cannot be active while in shapeshift form. One strategy is for when mana is depleted and threat is high taking Bear Shape and let your damagers finish the job, while you take it.
Classico spirithealer Spirit Healer, As second or back up healer for party support or one you may want to Solo. If you have high fatigue you may want to heal sparingly, and in the event of having your main healer die, you can turn off you Combat Magic and focus healing or just top everyone off and/or revive your healer.


Probably the most overpowered class Specialization in the game; fully geared and comfortable with your game play, spells and party, feels like you're cheating.

Gearing and Equipping

Arcane Warrior Heavy Armor

Equipping Heavy Armor or Massive Armor ideally for tanking and off tanking play styles, equip items or sets that have - Fatigue% like:


Massive armor red Cailan's armor set
Ico armor massive Effort armor set for a tanking/offhealing self set.
Ico armor massive Juggernaut armor set for the ultimate resistance set.
Warden-armour Warden Commander armor set
Ico armor massive Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate armor set
Ico armor heavy Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale armor set
Note: Not all item sets have helms, here is some helm choice in that case.


Bergen's Honor Bergen's Honor
Ico helm massive Corruption
Ico helm heavy Executioner's Helm
Helm of honnleath Helm of Honnleath
Deephelm module Helm of the Deep
Ico helm massive Rock-Knocker

Arcane Warrior Light Armor

Equipping Clothing and/or Light Armor/Medium Armor dodge/resistance gear, Weapons, accessories and equipping Hale/Dweomer Runes, creating more melee caster or fatigue managing caster for play styles. Ranging stats +30% - 72% Spell Resistance, +16% - 36% Chance to Dodge Attacks, gearing and rune enchanting several slight varieties to personal preference. Some examples:


Ico boots light Imperial Weavers or
Lion's Paw The Lion's Paw
Ico armor robe Reaper's Vestments
Ico gloves med Ancient Elven Gloves

First Enchanter's Cowl may refer to:

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Ico amulet The Spellward
Ico belt Andruil's Blessing
Plt ico key Key to the City and/or
Ico ring Lifegiver

Arcane Warrior Weapons

As for Melee Weapons Spellweaver is the best and only class specific item for Arcane Warriors though there are other weapons to tide you over till you get it or you stick to your staff until better weapons become available to you. Choices of melee weapons: Sword and Board (being the most popular choice), Dual Wield (best daggers are 26-30 dexterity till able to equip) and Two Handers (being the least popular choice). Some examples:

Main Hand/Two Hand Offhands
Ico longsword Spellweaver, 2 rune slots
Starfang Starfang (longsword), 3 rune slots
Starfang Duncan's Sword, 2-3 rune slots
Ico greatsword Ageless, 2 rune slots
Starfang Starfang (greatsword), 3 rune slots
Ico shield kitewood Havard's Aegis
Ico dagger The Rose's Thorn, 3 rune slots
Ico Dead Thaig Shanker Dead Thaig Shanker, 2 rune slots
Ico Dead Thaig Shanker Duncan's Dagger, 2-3 rune slots
Note: Considering the balancing of mana reserve and high fatigue, when using melee weapons you might want to try having one point in Poison-Making, for crowd control: draining mana/stamina, chance on stunning and/or a penalty to movement speed on top of extra damage with no strain on your mana pool for your Arcane Warrior.


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