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Hi, im a 19 year old from london, i come here to check up on my favourite game and to post on the forums, and apparently im a tad of a fantasy virgin. I am invested in myself and my family and seek to empower them thru tangible achievements in my life, such as by running a successful green grocery business or assisting with charity by navigating the ever-complex world of beaurocracy on their behalf-behalf.

i mean, i play Warhammer fantasy and read the lord of the rings, thomas covenant and sabriel series, but things that get mentioned a lot here, like drow, are completely alien to me

i am approaching my first year of uni, where im studying philosophy and sociology, and thats really about it. i currently spend my days writing shitty novellas for my sisters to read and playing Dragon Age, Overlord and Assassins Creed on my playstation. also, i make very few edits, but thats partially because the forums so good it needs few, and partially because i dont know how to edit anything besides text =]

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