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About meEdit

I am a graduate student in neuroscience, and I've been playing fantasy RPGs since the days of Icewind Dale (on the side note, that game rocked). Dragon Age is my 8th series to play, my second most recent being Neverwinter Nights II. I only play on PC systems. My game preference is strongly role-play/story-centric. I also believe Brent Knowles is a genius storyteller.

As a full-time PhD student at a research university, gaming is my only allowed hobby (instrument performance and writing are too close with my research to count as 'hobby'). I find creating fantasy worlds from scratch to be very tedious work, so I greatly appreciate all the work the writing team has put in (and allowing me to play in the sandbox!). I also dabble in modding, although most of the scripting credit goes to my boyfriend.

My favourite characters were Fenris and Zevran; without them I would not have bought the games. Oddly enough, they never became my default LIs.

My Default WardenEdit

Amarina Surana
Cg ico gender female
Classico mage
Cg ico race female elf
Cg ico origin mage

Magic SympathizerPoacherHarrowmont's AllyLiberatorCeremonialistFirst KnightA Dark Promise

Personality: law-abiding Circle mage who actually liked being in the Circle. Pretty much aligned as lawful good. Was a virgin (evidently... who's surprised?). Hails from the Denerim Alienage. Is in a ridiculously gag-inducing relationship with a goofy human, currently trying to rein in his 20+ years bottled up and pent up raging libido. Had a two second fling with a nymphomaniac elf when she didn't realise he was coming onto her.

Later went onto serve as the Commander of the Grey of Ferelden. Had a shock of her life when her boyfriend showed up after cleaning out the Vigil in golden armour and said "hey babe! How's it goin'?". She discovered that Alistair had somehow installed himself on the throne AND married her when she wasn't looking. After praying to all the deities in Thedas to please stop this nightmare and return her blond goof to being a Warden, some god listened to her pleas and re-instated Anora as the queen, demoting Alistair to being a Warden. After having Anders fall madly in love with her by accident and saving Amaranthine, she went to find Morrigan, found out that Alistair now had a son, then stopped by Orzammar to answer Dace's letter. She then crossed over the mountains and went to Orlais, where she happily married her meat-shield goof blond knight.

Currently the main protagonist of a fanfiction novel in progress.

Strongest enemy killed: The Archdemon.

Total damage contribution: 52%

Final build: Arcane Warrior, Battlemage, Spirit Healer

My first WardenEdit

Neria Surana
Cg ico gender female
Classico mage
Cg ico race female elf
Cg ico origin mage

Annulment InvokerPoacherBhelen's AllyLiberatorCeremonialistEasy LoverWarden Commander

Personality: Feisty and a rule-breaker. Hated being in the Circle and sabotaged the organisation that clothed and fed her since infancy at every turn. Scoffed at the shy advances of a blond idiot and went for the nymphomaniac, kleptomaniac bisexual man instead, then fed the said idiot to the Archdemon. Ran off with Zevran to take over Antiva.

Strongest enemy killed: High Dragon.

Total damage contribution: 43%

Final build: Shapeshifter, Spirit Healer

My Cousland WardenEdit

Aedan Cousland
Cg ico gender male
Classico warrior
Cg ico race male human
Cg ico origin human noble

Magic SympathizerPoacherBhelen's AllyLiberatorCeremonialistEasy LoverUltimate Sacrifice

Personality: The secondboy of the Couslands, he was pampered and had an easygoing nature that got him into plenty of scruples. His affable smiles and his "everyone's good and awesome" attitude irritated Morrigan to no end and he couldn't care enough about the Maker to feel hot passion about religion with the redhead, so he settled with the Dalish elf. Alas, he could not force his best friend to sleep with the evil b!tch nor could he cheat on the gay elf - never mind that the said elf would cheat on him given the chance - and so he decided that he'd rather die, much to Zevran's dismay and shock. His death mask later became the model for Gaspard de Soliere, the fellow Orlesian Warden that shows up in Amarina Surana's novel.

Strongest enemy killed: The Archdemon.

Total damage contribution: 64%

Final build: Champion

My Mahariel WardenEdit

Theron Mahariel
Cg ico gender male
Classico rogue
Cg ico race male elf
Cg ico origin elf dalish

Annulment InvokerPoacherBhelen's AllyLiberatorCeremonialistWine Women SongRedeemer

Personality: Theron just didn't give a damn about humans. In fact, he hoped they'd get wiped out in the Blight. But then he had a thing for hot redheads, and when one buxom redhead came across spouting nonsense about the Maker and rose and whatnot, he decided that he better not wipe out the humans, just in case the redhead got p!ssed off. For the sake of practicality he decided to keep the evil knievel general as a Warden, and then got very angry at his meat shield when he rage-quit. He went ahead with the battle anyway, and decided to feed the evil knievel Warden to the archdemon, because you know, he's an elf and the general was a slimy shemlen. He then went ahead to become the Warden-Commander ... but the Maker didn't really bother to see his adventures through.

Later appears as Levian Rahndael in the novel.

Strongest enemy killed: Flemeth the Shapeshifter.

Total damage contribution: 60%

Final build: Duelist, assassin

My First Champion of KirkwallEdit

Name: Marian Hawke
Class: Mage
Gender: Female
Specialisation: Force mage
Romance: Fenris

With her constant blabbermouth getting ahead of her, she kept peeving off everyone with inappropriate comments such as "I think you misplaced this" when returning the dead body of a beloved. Yet, due to some odd machination of the Maker's will, she managed to befriend everyone, except Isabela, whom she sold out to the Qunari because of a slip of a finger on the Maker's side, and her brother, who decided that risking his life to wear blue is so much better than hanging out with his sister. After getting dumped by Fenris she got back at the impudent whiny elf by sleeping with an impudent, whiny mage, but when she realised that the whiny elf actually wanted to get back with her a few years later, she asked the Maker to turn back time so she can play the wronged lover. Lo and behold, the Maker obliged. During the mad Templar rampage, she decided that indiscriminate murder of everything that gets in her way is the wisest way to calm the doomed city down. She eventually ran off with Fenris to "Earth", where she successfully turned into Shepard... not that whatever she did mattered anyway in either world.

My Default Champion of KirkwallEdit

Marian Hawke

Marian Hawke

Name: Marian Hawke
Class: Mage
Gender: Female
Specialisation: Spirit Healer
Romance: Anders

Unlike her predecessor, she generally kept her mouth shut and held an olive branch for pretty much all encounters, but that still didn't endear her to the brooding elf in any way. Her kind, selfless ways irked Isabela and Varric and her own brother, and her pro-mage attitude made Fenris want to kill her, but not so much so to give him any extra attributes. Her brother got so fed up with his sister that he decided he'd rather wear a skirt than deal with his sister for another day. The only one who truly liked her was Anders, who evidently mistook her for a man or thought her forgiving enough to tell her about his gay relationship with a man who was completely addled by the time she had the honour of meeting him. After helping the whiny ex-Circle mage/Warden change into a black trench coat, Hawke decided to take a walk to the Gallows, where Meredith and Orsino were arguing about looking for a harlequin hat Meredith gave Orsino as a token of love during one bawdy Satunalia, which he subsequently lost while sniffing lyrium. Hawke was forced to side with Orsino - she thought Orsino's robes were cooler than Meredith's tin pot that she wore - to which the zebra elf objected. Eventually he was talked down to join her cause for the mages, which he did while being puzzled at himself for making such a stupid decision. Sebastian was mightily offended by her decision to keep her boy toy alive after he decided to become Neo and left in a huff. After Meredith decided that she was bored with being completely insane and becoming a statue seems much more fun, Hawke rounded up her companions and left, running for the hills with a perma-semistubbled apostate boy.

My Current Champion of KirkwallEdit

Jacinth portrait

Jacinth Hawke

Name: Jacinth Hawke
Class: Rogue
Gender: Female
Specialisation: Duelist, Assassin
Romance: Isabela → Fenris → Anders

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