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Hi, I'm Fiery (Add suffix if just "Fiery" has been taken). I don't do much editing, I mostly just look up articles that intrests me. I only have this account to add topics to talk pages or discussions.

About my CharacterEdit

Since Bioware have started with pre-built histories I've decided to only keep one character for future save import. His name is Igneus (latin for fiery, yes, I'm clever.) And he is a "big picture hero". That means he is willing to let people suffer today, so more can be happy tomorrow. More specificly these are his big choices:

Dragon Age Origins / Awakening

  • Origin: Igneus was a Male Elf Mage.
  • Companions: Igneus recruited all companions and completed their individual quests.
  • Circle Tower: Igneus defeated Uldred and spared the mages.
  • Redcliffe: Igneus saved the entire villages from the undead horde. Then called on the Circle to defeat the Desire Demon possessing Connor, in the Fade. Jowan was given to the Circle to determine his punishment.
  • Urn of Sacred Ashes: Igneus refused Kolgrim's offer and allowed Genitivi to spread the word of the discovery.
  • Orzammar: Igneus allied with Prince Bhelen as he was willing to recruit Casteless into the military, Igneus wishes the dwarven caste system was abolished.
  • Anvil of the Void: Was given to Branka so the dwarves can create a new golem army, despite the cost of making them, the golems would deal a great blow against the darkspawn.
  • The Dalish: Igneus allied with the Lady of the Forest and convinced Zathrien to reverse the curse.
  • The Alienage: Igneus stopped the slavers, freeing those still in the city and allowing the slaver leader to escape, as a word of warning for others.
  • The Landsmeet: Igneus convinced Anora and Alistair to marry, Loghain was spared and recruited into the Grey Wardens to earn redemption.
  • Romance: Igneus fell in love with Morrigan, when she asked about the Dark Ritual, he accepted.
  • Warden's keep: Avernus was spared and allowed to continue his experiments, as he assured he was close to a breakthrough, most of the dark research had already been done.
  • Awakening Leadership: Igneus tried to serve everyone equally and tried to stay popular with the common people. He hired the "Dark Wolf" to reveal the conspiracy against him.
  • Awakening Companions: Igneus recruited all possible candidates to the Grey Wardens and he tried to do any requests they had.
  • Amaranthine: Igneus restored law and order and saved the city from the Mother's army.
  • Vigil's Keep: The Keep was reinforced in every way possible and all of Master Wade's fantastic weapons were made.
  • The Architect: Igneus allowed the Architect to live. A naive choice, but Igneus believed him when the Architect said his plan is to make darkspawn intelligent enough to stop constantly fighting, mindlessly atleast.
  • Witchhunt: Igneus tracked down Morrigan, and stepped through the portal together with her.

Dragon Age 2

I'm not sure what is considered a major event as to me it felt like the entire game was just a bunch of side quests that tied together very loosely, anyway:

  • Hawke: Male Mage.
  • Siblings: Bethany died, Carver lived and joined the Grey Wardens.
  • Companions: Recruited and completed the quests of all companions. (Apart from the DLC ones)
  • Good/Evil: Hawke tried to avoid violence when possible and always went with the choice that benefitted others (apart from the Templars)
  • Qunari: Tried to avoid the conflict.
  • Mage/Templar: Igneus Hawke sided with the mages, since he was one.
  • DLCs: I disliked DA2 so I decided to not get any of the DLCs.

Dragon Age 3 Not yet released.

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