About meEdit

I lurk in the talk pages until I feel called to improve the wiki when it's at its greatest need, like when one of the Vandalism Blights comes from the Deep Roads.

When I answer a question, I'm very likely to be condescending and very harsh because chances are you asked a stupid question or what you "asked" was truly a statement with a question mark stuck on the end. I'll probably continue berating people until I get scolded by some goodie-goodie, but 'til then I continue to amuse myself by mocking you and your stupidity as a way to make up for the time lost in answering your fucking retarded question(pardon muah).

Peace and blessings, Peace and Blessings. - FLaSHBaCK

"Whoever said there's no such thing as bad question obviously hadn't seen the questions on wiki answers." "Nothing I say is provably false." - Orzammar Crier.

My contributionsEdit

I tried "special contributing" I was rewarded with silence and unhelpful folks at the Oblivion wiki (hardly a wiki by most standards) though I did do a few things for Fallout 3.

As for Dragon Age, I prefer to over-analyze its content and force underlings to accept my opinions... If that counts as contributions, OH!!! I remembered I do a lot question answering because there are always n00bs out there who still don't know what a Grey Warden is.

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