The Wardrobe allows the player to customize their Inquisitor's default clothing as well as Halamshiral finery.

Casual Wear[edit | edit source]

Austerity[edit | edit source]

Simple. Eternal. Beige.

Purity[edit | edit source]

Be above reproach in both manner and dress with this classic style in patterned white.

Vivacity[edit | edit source]

Garb yourself in the rich blues of the masked empire, while keeping your ensemble simple and sleek.

Formal Wear[edit | edit source]

The Winter Palace[edit | edit source]

A classic, formal cut. Crimson accented with royal blue. Fit to meet royalty.

The Coastal Fortress[edit | edit source]

A formal, azure sensation, determined to declare war upon -- and victory over -- presuppositions.

The Calenhad Sunset[edit | edit source]

Like a brilliant sunset descending into a cerulean lake, the never-ending dance of fire and water is elegantly captured.

The Midnight Tower[edit | edit source]

For Discerning tastes in formal accouterments. Dark tones and silvery accents evoke the wonder -- and gravity -- of night skies.

Outerwear[edit | edit source]

Venture Forth[edit | edit source]

For the inquisitor who wishes to project a can-do, hands-on image: a simple, rugged number in rich browns.

Venture Capital[edit | edit source]

White accents and a startling red undershirt defy expectations while maintaining a ready, durable style.

Night's Watch[edit | edit source]

Somber tones and a heavier coat. Perfect for cold skyhold nights and weighty discussions.

Day's Vigil[edit | edit source]

Heavy leathers in lighter tones project quiet confidence as they enthrall the eye.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Immortal[edit | edit source]

Be observed: standing at the portals to the Fade, glittering and silver.

Eternal[edit | edit source]

Golden scale accented with green. Protected, secured, but never discreet.

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