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<br>Have something to discuss? Please do not hesitate to use my [[User_talk:Eganogard|talk]] page.<br><br>'''''I am on hiatus.''' I may check in briefly every once in a while, but I will be unable to participate regularly until the end of '''December'''.''<br><br>''Happy holidays to everyone at Dragon Age Wiki!''<br><br>
<br>Have something to discuss? Please do not hesitate to use my [[User_talk:Eganogard|talk]] page.<br><br>'''''I am on hiatus for a few months.''' I have a lot of stuff going on IRL, including a new career and my wife and I expecting our first child. Unfortunately my gaming/wiki time has dwindled down to almost zero.<br><br>
''Ok, so I'm not really [[wikipedia:Omnipotence|omnipotent]]. I'm an enigma wrapped in a riddle and a slice of [[wikipedia:Prosciutto|prosciutto]].''<br><br>
''Ok, so I'm not really [[wikipedia:Omnipotence|omnipotent]]. I'm an enigma wrapped in a riddle and a slice of [[wikipedia:Prosciutto|prosciutto]].''<br><br>

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Have something to discuss? Please do not hesitate to use my talk page.

I am on hiatus for a few months. I have a lot of stuff going on IRL, including a new career and my wife and I expecting our first child. Unfortunately my gaming/wiki time has dwindled down to almost zero.


Ok, so I'm not really omnipotent. I'm an enigma wrapped in a riddle and a slice of prosciutto.

Too Many Video Games Has Rotted My Brain

I've been gaming since the early 1980's on Intellivision, Atari 2600, & Commodore 64.

I'm disappointed to see that after 30+ years of video games, developers haven't figured out how to make a character run around an object instead of into it and getting stuck. There's nothing like watching Hawke's AI be defeated by a table during a brawl at The Hanged Man to make my day complete.

Headless females glitch - Hawke &amp; Isabella

I need bad AI like Hawke needs a hole for a head.

Currently playing: DA:O / A / 2.
Also a fan of: Thief, No One Lives Forever, Hitman, Elder Scrolls, Fallout & a few RTS games.
Off-screen, I play a mean game of backgammon too.

On the Wiki...

A lot of what I do involves small menial tasks that anyone could do, but I do them as part of projects that I sincerely hope help to make the wiki a little bit better. Those aside....

● Every once in a while I don a spiffy costume and magically transform into a misspell-fighting superzero. My superpowers include being a douche, and the internet. Kids, don't grow up to be like me.

● On the wiki I mainly edit articles, whether that involves simply fixing misspellings / formatting, small additions, or hefty re-writes & cleanup. I also tend to focus on taking screenshots & adding pictures to articles that have none.

● My favorite edits are the one where I can delete a {{cleanup}}, {{pictures wanted}}, {{missing info}}, or {{stub}} tag.

● I'm definitely no expert on DA lore, and I'm not crazy enough to believe that my viewpoint is always right, so I'm hesitant to delete content without confirmation from other wiki users on an article's talk page.

● Many of the wiki regulars seem like good people, and have provided me with a lot of laughs and interesting ideas without even knowing it, via the forums & blogs. Although I find them interesting to read sometimes, blogs/forums are generally not my cup of tea.

● A sincere thank you goes out to the wiki community members who've offered help and advice, especially D-Day and Tierrie.

● My wiki user name is Dragon Age spelled backwards. Not at all original, I selected it because it was easy to remember and I was not expecting to participate regularly. Pretty dumb, but at least my password isn't drowssap.

● My generic DA avatar actually looks like a dwarven version of me. No extra-wide nose, and no splattered blood IRL (bor-ring!), but the eye color and hair are right.75px-5308644.png


● I'd like to know if Bergen and Bregan are the result of an error, or are actually supposed to be two different people.

● I have a qunari fetish. (The wife wasn't too happy the day I came home with blue body paint and fake horns.)

● I'm casual when it comes to lore and continuity, and nerdy when it comes to weapons/armor/items and gameplay.

A Wish List for Dragon Age 3

Temporarily moved to a blog: A Wish List for Dragon Age 3. It will be revised and return here in January 2013.

Names for Dog

Temporarily moved to a blog: 40 Names for Dog. It will be updated to include reader's suggestions & return here in January 2013.

Recommended Dragon Age Mods

The following mods are must-haves to me. Most are widely used to improve functionality or interface.

This is a personal list on a personal page, and is not endorsed by Dragon Age Wiki or
If a mod is listed here I use it regularly, but I am not associated with any mod in any way whatsoever.
Use mods at your own risk. Don't blame me (or anyone else) if you try one and you / it breaks your game.

Dragon Age: Origins
AddItem - Add an item to your inventory. (duh!) Player needs to know the (DA:O) item ID code.
Advanced Party - Makes rogues automatically move into backstab position & more.
Advanced Quickbar - Adds extra quickbars, click up/down arrows to swap between them.
Advanced Tactics - Major improvements to the tactics system.
Auto Loot - Press a button and all party members loot nearby containers / corpses.
Character Respecialization - Reassign a party member's specializations, skills, & attribute points.
Make Console Commands Visible - A fix that allows users to see the console text. See trivia for more info.

Dragon Age 2
More Tactics Slots - Allows up to 100 tactics slots.
Visual AddItem (VADDI) - Add an item to your inventory. Doesn't require (DA2) item ID codes.

Works with Both Games (a.k.a. one "mod" to rule them all!)
Tab Hightlight Toggle - An AutoHotKey file that changes "highlight usable objects" to an on/off toggle: my ticket to a less painful gaming wrist. On Windows 7 I needed to enable XP Compatibility Mode (SP2) for it to work.

Tips for Writing Wiki Articles

Some things to keep in mind while editing or creating wiki articles.

● On the internet the audience can be anywhere or anyone. There are huge variations in the reader's DA knowledge, gaming experience, age, location, culture, background, dialect, and language skills. Think in terms of everyone rather than you, I, or even we.

● Keep language and ideas SCD: simple, concise, and direct.

● Remember the 5 W's: Who, What, Where, When, Why - and How.

● Wiki articles should be friendly for users with little or no game experience / lore knowledge. It's not the easiest thing to do, but try to see things from a newbie's point-of-view when editing articles.

● There can be a fine line between sufficient & too much information. Avoid repeating information found on other pages, that's where internal links and see also can be most useful.

● Remember that # can be used in links to bring the reader directly to a specific section of an article. A link such as tips looks like [[User:Eganogard#Tips_for_Writing_Wiki_Articles|tips]].

Avoid using (what may seem to be common) expressions. People outside the U.K. may not cotton on to what cotton on means. People in Boston call a pizza a pie, and people in Montreal call a slice of pizza a pointe, but in the interest of being easily and widely understood, that type of language is to be avoided.

Avoid using "you" unless speaking directly to, or referring specifically to the reader/player his/herself (i.e. providing instructions for what the person behind the computer needs to do, such as type a console command). Remember who you're speaking to. The reader is not Hawke, and the Warden isn't the player. The Warden doesn't own a computer and won't be clicking on anything. Conversely, I'm not going to fight a darkspawn no matter what I'm told to do, and neither are you. But the Warden or Hawke might.

● Be organized. Keep related information together, and use article sections appropriately.

● Be certain. If you're editing an article and realize that you're not so sure about something, either verify it immediately, or postpone the edit and discuss it on a talk page first. If you find yourself tempted to say "I think" or "maybe," that's a good indication that you may need to stop and think about what you're saying.

● Be unbiased and factual. This goes along with the points above and below. A wiki article should stick to the facts. You may think that a certain shortbow is beautiful, or that Aveline's face looks like a can of smashed assholes, and you may be right - but those statements still don't belong in a wiki article.

● Be professional. I have a lot of fun with my own personal user page, it's where I offer opinions, goof around & make jokes, sneak in some pop-culture references, and have fun with some odd internal/wikipedia links. The wiki's articles, on the other hand, are not an appropriate venue to do any of those things.

● Be consistent with language. Try to maintain the same verb tense throughout an article section and/or the entire article. Also try to maintain a consistent writing style & level of language.

● Be consistent with formatting. Look at a few similar wiki pages to see what should be included, and how to format it. (If you don't know how to do something, look it up: There's a lot of good information on Wikia's help page, or refer to the other articles.) Cut & paste templates from other articles to modify and make certain things look pretty, if you are comfortable doing so. If you're in need of help, use a talk page.

● Be focused. Avoid distractions such as txt'ing, talking on the phone, watching pornography, building a miniature version of Noah's Ark, or mixing a Tom Collins while editing. If you drink a few too many of 'em, wait until the room stops spinning to edit.


Current score: Rants 2, Trivia 6, Nonsense 2

About Trivia...

● Despite the strong dislike of "trivia" around here, it's one of my favorite things to read. The rules are very strict, but perhaps wiki users should be free to read trivia if they wish, and make their own judgments / draw their own conclusions based upon what is presented. It seems that ruthless edit trolls believe that their dislike of trivia is what is best for everyone else, and that does not make for a very pleasant wiki community. As comedian George Carlin said in response to a Mississippi reverend who complained about foul language on the radio, "There are two knobs on the radio - one turns it off - and the other one changes the station." Don't like trivia? You don't have to read it.

● If contributing trivia that makes a similarity to something in pop-culture, remember this: Everything is a Remix (an interesting independent documentary that examines music and film before moving on to more serious subjects). Before contributing trivia related to something you enjoy, take some time to find out where the idea really comes from. My own example (below), which I wouldn't add to a wiki article, includes a similarity between Ser Karras and Father Karras, the main antagonist in one of the Thief games. My observation is valid, however, there is also a Father Karras in the classic horror novel / film The Exorcist. Spelled slightly differently, "Karas" or "Karass," it could also be a reference to a saint, a villain in Doctor Who, the novel Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., a Mexican boxing family, etc., this list could go on and on ...


● 77% of the unique "round" shields in Dragon Age II are not round.

● 24% of the unique "metal" shields in Dragon Age II are round.

● 12% of the unique "metal" shields in Dragon Age II are round and do not appear to be made primarily of metal.

● DA:O's console doesn't display text because a file (fonts.ert) is missing from the install. The "mod" that fixes the problem isn't really a mod, it is a copy of the missing file.

● Coincidence, Conspiracy, or Crap? In DA2, male Hawke's default given name is Garrett, and there is a minor antagonist named Ser Karras. Those are also the names of both the pc / main protagonist and main antagonist respectively in the well-received 2000 game Thief 2:The Metal Age.

● Fun Fact: It's impossible to find the DA2 quest The Way It Should Be via a search on Dragon Age Wiki. I think that's because the words in the quest's name are commonly used and all get ignored (to avoid excessive results).


Truth, Lies, or Videotape? I only have one testicle. I lost the other one to an Orlesian Purse-Cutter.[1]

● There once was a man from Nantucket, he walked the Deep Roads donning nothing but a dead metal bucket. Early one eve, Hawke came along and activated cleave, then chopped the poor fool's head right off.


("Dragon Age II" = DA2 vanilla)


Origins / Awakening:
● Added tables to all DA:O crafting ingredient articles, listing its availability at merchants with costs and quantities.

● Updated all crafting recipe articles, converting to a newer crafting table template, adding leads and missing info.

● Added pics to warpaint articles that did not have one, and lead / item ID codes to collar and warpaint articles.

Dragon Age II:
● Added the Act # to infoboxes for all quest articles.

● Added pictures to all the unique weapon and shield articles that did not have one.

● Created articles for all unique weapons and shields that did not have one.

● Created articles for all companion armors that did not have one.

● Categorized articles & completed infobox information for unique accessories, weapons, and shields.

● Updated weapon table articles to include all unique weapons (and generic weapons that have articles).

On-going, and/or (slowly) in progress:

● Adding pics, maps, & information to location articles that have little content.

● Adding Awakening location/acquisition info to weapon/armor/item articles.

● Correcting typos & misspellings.

● Adding item ID codes, leads, & categories to articles.

● Categorizing wiki images.

Articles Created

Current count: 52

Acolyte's Staff (disambiguation) – 21/08/12
Acolyte's Staff (Dragon Age II Act 2) – 21/08/12
Acolyte's Staff (Dragon Age II Act 1) – 21/08/12
Apostate's Boots – 15/08/12
Apostate's Cuffs – 15/08/12
Apostate's Robe – 15/08/12
Apostate Staff – 15/08/12
Archery weapons – 30/10/12
Bethany's Circle Mage Robes – 08/09/12
Bethany's Grey Warden Robes – 08/09/12
Blemished – 27/10/12
Blemished Dagger – 27/10/12
Dalish Dagger – 05/09/12
Dark Shield – 28/10/12
Disciple's Blade – 28/10/12
Dual Weapon weapons – 30/10/12
Enforcer's Blade – 27/10/12
The Father's Hand – 28/10/12
Fereldan Broadaxe – 07/08/12
Fereldan Field Armor – 07/08/12
Fereldan Field Boots – 07/08/12
Fereldan Field Gloves – 07/08/12
Fereldan Man-at-Arms Issue – 17/08/12
Flawless Sapphire – 01/11/12
Grace-Maker – 10/09/12
Grafted Spirit Hide – 03/09/12
Guard-Captain's Ranked Plate – 09/09/12
Hawke's Pinions – 08/09/12
Knight-Corporal Plate – 10/09/12
Malign Staff (Darkspawn Chronicles) – 23/09/12
Mercenary's Blade – 28/10/12
Mercenary's Longblade – 20/08/12
Mercenary's Recurve – 08/10/12
Mercenary's Staff – 20/08/12
Modified Officers' Issue – 17/08/12
Plate of the Warden-Ensign – 10/09/12
Ragged Edge – 28/10/12
Raider Gloves – 05/09/12
Reforged Hossberg Twainer – 28/10/12
Renegade's Ruin – 14/10/12
Roar (helmet) – 23/08/12
Rune-Covered Gloves – 24/08/12
Shine – 28/10/12
Smooth Rasp – 28/10/12
Smuggled Fereldan Blade – 07/08/12
Staff of Shadows – 18/11/12
The Turncoat's Walking Stick – 24/08/12
Undeclared Orlesian Longbow – 07/10/12
Vael Family Armor – 10/09/12
Valo-Kas Katoh – 30/10/12
Varric's Tailored Leather Duster – 20/08/12
Weathered Bow – 08/10/12


40 Names for Dog - 18/08/12
A Wish List For Dragon Age 3 - 25/08/12
Poll: Dragon Age II Companion Armors - 16/11/12

Photos Added

Slideshow images are 574px or smaller; click an image to see a larger version (if available).
Current count: 273

Armor / Shield / Weapon Images

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age II

Other Images: Characters, Enemies, Items, Maps, Objects, Places, etc.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age II

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