aka Seth

  • I live in Peoria
  • I was born on February 17
  • My occupation is Research Fellow
  • I am XY
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About MeEdit

I am a scientist.

My Dragon Age CharactersEdit

Dragon Age: Origins - The Warden

Seth Sarana

Seth Surana

Seth Surana
  • Elf Mage, Arcane Warrior/Blood Mage/Battlemage
  • Concept: Righteous defender of the people, Blood Magic is a tool and nothing more
  • Finished Origins, Awakening, Golems of Amgarrak, Witch Hunt
  • Theme Song: Hero - Chad Kroeger featuring Josey Scott

Killigan Aeducan

Killigan Aeducan

Killigan Aeducan
  • Dwarf Noble Rogue, Assassin/Duelist/Shadow
  • Concept: Murderous cold-hearted bastard, out for himself above all else. Forced into this mindset by events in Orzammar.
  • Finished Origins, playing Awakening (stopped mid-way)
  • Theme Song: Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace

Goel Cousland

Goel Cousland

Goel Cousland
  • Human Noble Warrior, Berserker/Reaver/Spirit Warrior
  • Concept: Motivated by vengeance and duty to Grey Wardens, big on justice, specifically for Rendon Howe
  • Playing Origins
  • Theme Song: Superbeast - Rob Zombie

My contributionsEdit

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