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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Vivienne Amell
Cg ico gender female
Classico mage
Cg ico race female human
Cg ico origin mage

Magic SympathizerPoacherHarrowmont's AllyLiberatorCeremonialistFirst KnightA Dark Promise

I named her loong before Inquisition was announced - guess it really is a good name for a mage

Growing up in a tower, sheltered from the world outside, Vivienne always had a bit of the wonderlust. She also had an interest in the occult and easily mastered most entropy spells. One day, however, right after passing her Harrowing, her life changed:

- Tried to help Jowan and Lily escape
- Was grateful to Duncan for saving her life by conscripting her into the Grey Wardens
- survived Ostagar with help from Flemeth
- Greatly admired Morrigan's freedom, something she also aspired, and the two formed an unlikely friendship
- The dog she saved came back and she named it Drools (for obvious reasons)
- Recruited Leliana and Sten in Lothering
- Saved the Circle with help from Wynne
- was ambushed by Zevran but spared his life and let him join
- Defended Redcliffe against the undead
- Went to the fade with the Circle's help to save Connor (scared off the demon)
- tried to set Jowan free but had to send him back to the Circle
- started an awkward relationship with Alistair
- convinced Zathrian to lift the curse
- found Aneirin
- defeated Flemeth to save her best friend
- preserved the Urn and defeated the high dragon
- took some shady jobs in Denerim
- confronted and defeated Marjolaine
- reclaimed Soldier's Peak
- drank the Alchemical Concoction (mostly out of curiosity)
- spared Avernus but limited his research by ethical means
- returned to Ostagar with Wynne, Alistair and Leliana (lockpicking reasons) and gave Cailan a proper burial
- arrived in Orzammar in times of crisis and eventually decided to support Pyral Harrowmont for the throne (after prince Bhelen tried to trick her with false documents)
- went after paragon Branka with Oghren's help
- destroyed the Anvil of the Void
- helped Shale reclaim her past
- helped Oghren reconnect with Felsi
- rescued Anora from Rendon Howe but had to surrender to Ser Cauthrien
- Oghren and Zevran rescued her and Alistair from Fort Drakon
- decided to support Anora's rule at the Landsmeet
- dueled Loghain and won but couldn't kill him (Alistair did)
- decided to trust her best friend Morrigan and convince her boyfriend Alistair to take part in the dark ritual (lots and lots of awkwardness)
- defeated the darkspawn generals in Denerim
- slayed the Archdemon and lived to tell the tale
- requested freedom for the Circle and set off with some of her friends to see the world
- had to take the role of Warden Commander in Amaranthine
- conscripted Oghren, Nathaniel, Anders, Velanna and Sigrun into the Wardens (also recruited the Spirit of Justice)
- having faith in the fortress she had built, she set off to protect the city of Amaranthine with Nathaniel, Oghren and Velanna
- took a chance and decided to ally herself with the Architect (probably not the best decision but who can tell?)
- defeated the Mother with a lightning spell
- tried to help the Dace brothers reclaim Amgarrak Thaig
- caught up with Morrigan but couldn't follow her - had to say a woeful good bye

Dragon Age II Edit


- Mal Hawke - dagger wielding rogue
- very efficient Shadow Assassin
- named her dog Hotstuff
- survived Ostagar and returned to Lothering to guide her family to safety
- Carver died trying to protect their mother from an ogre
- in Kirkwall, Mal and Bethany had to smuggle goods for Athenril for a full year
- recruited everyone
- immediately befriended Varric (then, the others)
- took her little sister to the Deep Roads but had to send her with the Wardens to save her life
- (Bethany got to meet Vivienne and become good friends :D)
- developed a friendly rivalry with Sebastian
- hooked up with a very grumpy elf
- earned the Arishok's respect and dueled him to save Isabela
- sent Feynriel to Tevinter
- reunited her uncle Gamlen with his daughter Charade
- played matchmaker for Aveline
- sided with the former Warden Commander Larius against Corypheus
- didn't let Varric keep the idol shard (gave him the special rune instead)
- got Isabela a new ship
- had faith in Merrill and encouraged her to keep studying her people's culture
- defended Fenris against his former master
- got blackmailed by Anders to help him into the Chantry
- flirted with Tallis in front of Fenris (just for the sake of it)
- Despite her bad experiences with Kirkwall mages, Mal agreed to defend them against Meredith Stannard since not all had to pay for Anders' deed
- couldn't kill Anders (he did save Bethany in the Deep Roads after all) so she sent him away
- defeated Meredith and had to leave Kirkwall

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