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Nice idea spotted at LTVDUDE's - the gallery of characters. In case I uninstall the game and some time later will be overwhelmed with nostalgia.

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Aedan Cousland

Aedan "First Playthrough" Cousland.

His wide surprised eyes, full cheeks and penchant for stating the obvious, such as "We must gain advantage!" or "It's a trap!" shaped his character as someone who, well, doesn't really take advantage of that huge Cunning score. Very good with daggers though. Also, a kleptomaniac. Also, Morrigan's floor mop. So much of it really, that when Morrigan offered to end it all, he readily agreed thinking it will please her and was so very sad when it didn't. However, as a firm believer in abstinence's harm to health, picked up Zevran just to drop him as soon as some Orzammar-bought mirror got him into Morrigan's good graces again. In the end Morrigan's influence clearly rubbed off on him since he threw Alistair to the wolves, married the Queen and his only regret was that he didn't think of a way to feed Loghain to the Archdemon, ritual or not. Didn't go along with Sten at all, instant buddies with Oghren. Must be fraternity between the henpecked.

The meaniest meanie slain: Gaxkang the Unbound. Total contribution to killemall: 45%

Daylen Amell

Daylen "First playthrough on hard" Amell, also known as 'Amelie'.

An, ahem, eccentric entropy specialist, gallows humour practitioner. Also a kleptomaniac. Famous for his absolute lack of the sense of direction, which landed the party in Orzammar right after Lothering. His affinity to the school of entropy caused him to break anything he touched - such as vials hidden in a cupboard of Orzammar's Royal Palace. The encounter with said vial's pissed-off tenant resulted in the poultice-less descent into the Deep Roads, which allegedly contributed to Oghren's alcoholism, Leliana's hardening and Morrigan's general bitchiness, but taught our hero some strategical thinking, too. Had a relationship with Zevran simply because the latter wasn't there in the Deep Roads and unlike the girls didn't have a grudge to hold. Helped Alistair to become a king, then allowed him to tackle Archdemon after denying Morrigan her ritual. Promptly fled Ferelden soon after.

The meaniest meanie slain: Genlock Conjurer. Total contribution to killemall: 29%

Sereda Aeducan

Sereda "Metagaming Achievement Ho" Aeducan.

A rogue (in more than one sense, hee) dwarven princess. Hobbies: killing darkspawn, killing more darkspawn, boning subordinates, killing darkspawn. Also a kleptomaniac. Did not commit a fratricide out of simple apathy. Joined Grey Wardens with a 'Yay!', as it meant killing even more darkspawn. Did not want to have an affair with that disgustingly tall, goofy human at all, alas - the sick, twisted cosmic forces wanted the achievement. To add insult to injury, the said human insolently kill-stole the Archdemon, and this time the sick, twisted cosmic forces showed some gratitude by turning back time and allowing our heroine to leave the human behind and die just to spite him.

The meaniest meanie slain: Archdemon. Total contribution to killemall: 51%

Duriel Mahariel

Duriel "Gimped, Stupid and Evil" Mahariel.

Miss Mahariel was born with really sticky fingers. Because of that, she was hit on her head so many times that one day her hair decided it had had enough, packed up and eloped with her sanity. It didn't help much - sanity-free Duriel got into her head she'd make a perfect bard; her favourite song "Can I get you the ladder so you can get off my back" was used by Dalish mothers to intimidate unruly children into behaving for centuries after the Blight. The clan threw a huge celebration after Duriel was taken by Duncan; alas, they did it while she was still in ear shot. As a result, another, completely innocent Dalish clan fell to werevolves as part of Duriel's revenge, what made perfect sense in her sanity-less head, so did selling Denerim's city elves to Tevinter slavers.

Almost instantly she felt at home with her new companions, because it didn't take long for all of them to hate her guts with fiery passion. Except for Leliana, another bard with a bad taste and even worse luck in women, which she contemplated mournfully in Andraste's temple as Duriel's bear sat on her until she died. Wynne, too, met her demise there, Shale was killed by her bad decision to side with Caridin, Zevran died of failing to learn from aforesaid incident that going against Duriel is not healthy, and Alistair died knowing that Duriel personally requested to be in the front row during his execution. The final party thus consisted of zero mages and the dog holding the gate. Still, despite Duriel's favourite combat tactic of hiding behind her bear's fat arse and hoping nobody notices what a crap shoot she is, it all went surprisingly well. Mages are overrated, yo. After Archdemon's death, Duriel requested riches and set up herself to the new goal - pickpocket every town in Ferelden clean, just as she did with Lothering, Denerim, Orzammar and every other place she had set her foot in.

The meaniest meanie slain: High Dragon. Total contribution to killemall: 32%

Turin Amell

Turin "Nightmare on booze" Amell

Turin knew it all about spirit magic and wouldn't be caught dead drinking cheap whiskey. Tried to dabble in the blood magic too, but wasn't too good due to his blood often containing more spirit than blood itself. Had a quirk of making his pet skeleton Dexter watch during their visits to Black Pearl. Also, a cleptomaniac. Romanced everything possible, although had no memories of it other than waking up in Morrigan's tent with a headache and someone random at his side; eventually Morrigan, who got tired of surprises of this kind, chained him into monogamous relationship so that she could just reclaim her own damn tent. Made Anora the Queen to spite Arl Eamon, who had a strict sobriety policy in his Denerim estate. To everyone's, and most of all his own, surprise went looking for Morrigan after the Blight's end. Was last seen going through Eluvian with Morrigan and Dexter.

The meaniest meanie slain: High Dragon. Total contribution to killemall: 41%

Alim Surana

Nika Kader

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