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I used to be IP no. .....That was my IP number during one of the many times I posted on this wiki before actually registering. So when I did register I just picked my IP address from the last post I remembered making here, and made that my user name. I kind of regretted it later, because it's a hard user name to remember. So now I got it changed.

I love gaming, and RPGs and RTTs are my favourite genres. I detest racing games and rarely play shooters. Needless to say Dragon Age Origins is one of my favourite games of all times, including the old school side scrolling, games which I grew up playing in DOS. Mass Effect...not so much.

My favourite Origin is Human Noble, though Dwarf Noble comes a close second. The first part of the latter Origin is really funny...specially if the player character decides to talk to the NPCs through Gorim.

And I'm a staunch Warden supporter. I was earnestly hoping that DA2 would continue the Warden's story. However that went to now I'm hoping that maybe DA3 would continue the Warden's tale. While it is unlikely, one cannot help but that's what I'm doing.

As far as DA2's concerned, I'd rather not talk about it.
This review, (which a member whose nick I cannot recall, posted in the forums), basically sums up my feelings about the game to the letter. [1]

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