Death by Cheese

aka Amy

  • I live in the desert
  • I am female
Wanted cheese

Citizens of Kirkwall! Have you seen this cheese?

Champion tribute

"Give me your tired, your poor, your... head?"


Vote 'Stache for Archon

And the Dragon Age Awards ("Draggies") go to:

Favorite Game: Dragon Age II
Favorite Book: Dragon Age: Asunder

Favorite Warden Origins: Dalish Elf & Circle Mage
Marian or Garrett? Marian (any class)
Favorite Inquisitor Origin: Qunari Tal-Vashoth

Favorite Companion: Varric Tethras
Favorite NPC: Teagan Guerrin
Favorite Romance: Malika Cadash & Blackwall
Favorite Creature: Varterral
Favorite Race: City Elves

Favorite Location: Brecilian Ruins, Hissing Wastes
Favorite Country/Kingdom/City-State: Nevarra
Favorite Quests: Nature of the Beast & Demands of the Qun
Favorite Battles: The Awiergan Scrolls: Second Aspect & The Cult of the Sky

Favorite Class: Rogue (DAO and DA2) Mage (DAI)
Favorite Attribute: Cunning
Favorite Talent: Holy Smite
Favorite Skills: Coercion & Stealing
Favorite Specialization: Reaver, Necromancer
Favorite School of Magic: Entropy
Favorite Spell: Gravitic Ring, Haste

Carver or Bethany? Carver
Mages or Templars? Mages
Alistair: King, Warden or Exile? Warden
Dark Ritual or Death? Death
Hawke, Stroud, Alistair, or Loghain? Loghain
Celene, Briala, or Gaspard? Meh, don't care.

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