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Hi There my name is Deamonic_Dragon(yes a typo but goes back to my LANparty days)

real name: Jason

Age: 22

Country: The Netherlands

Hobbies: Dragon Age got bloody addicted to the game sice the day a bought it.


DA info:  Currently playing my 7th playthrough to get all the achievements still need 6 or so and to get all possible endings(trust me there are alot of different ones)

             1st   City Elf,  Female, Warrior, Dual Weapon, Champion, Beserker (First and without help from external sources so not the best)

             2nd  Dalish Elf, Male, Warrior, Dual Weapon, Champion, Beserker (same as the 1st only male this time)

             3rd  Elf, Female, Magi, Primal, Arcane Warrior, Shapeshifter (first mage with heavy dmg used the Arcane warrior guide on

             4th Human, Male, Noble, Shield, Beserker, Reaver, (first playtrough with trying to get the 75% side quests and Traveler Achievents)

             5th Human, Female, Rogue, Dual Weapon, Assasin, Dualist (my favorite so far got the never died throughout the game achieve with her)

             6th Elf, Magi, Female, Entropy, Shapeshifter, Blood Mage. (Hexes work like hell to bring down big foes  Morrigan and Myself all hexes on Archdemon Sten and Shale Nukin took.

                                                                                                    less then 5min to take it down)

             7th Human, Male, Warrior,  Two Handed, Beserker ( the one im playing though now just got trough Lothering and Soldier Peak back so pretty early ingame)

Want to know more about these Chars ask me im happy to oblige.

 I'll try to update, Add, Edit  info on Wikia when i can and when im certain its the right info and confirmed it.

Greets to All and Have Fun With Dragon Age: Origins the best RPG since Oblivion.



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