Dave The Maniac

aka The Mad Lord of Klandaktu

  • I live in Arkham Sanitarium
  • My occupation is Too complicated for humans to understand
  • I am The Goddamned Batman!!!

About Me

Hey You, so you wanna know about me, The Maniac? well just ask the right people and they'll probably tell you I'm an asshole, ask my coworkers and they'll say I'm lazy and ask my gf and she'll say I'm a good guy... but still an asshole from time to time.

I am a software developer, math geek, film enthusiast, comic book reader and metal head, I felt in love with gaming when I played The Legend Zelda on the NES back in the 90's and that got me on the road to becoming a geek.

If you ever wanna chat you can find me at Forum:The_Blooming_Hanged_Man's_Rose where you can grab a pint and relax with us.

Cheers!! :D

Ps. If you're a hater feel my wrath and eat my shorts!!!

Favorite Games:
  • Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn
  • Deus Ex
  • Dragon Age Series
  • Mass Effect 2
Favorite Movies:
  • Juno
  • Garden State
  • The Dark Knight
  • Blade Runner: The Director's Cut
Favorite Bands:
  • Avantasia
  • Elvenking
  • Therion
  • Symphony X
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Ps. Why the fuck did you just read all this?

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