About meEdit

I am a newcomer to this lovely little game of Dragon Age, although I have been playing BioWare titles off and on over the years. I used this wikia rather extensively during some of my playthroughs of the game, and figured I would give back by helping out around here where I could.  :)

I play the Xbox 360 version so unfortunately dont have any lovely screenshots to upload, but after riding the WoW bandwagon for a while I decided it was time to get away from the PC and stare at a different screen for hours on end.

My first and I suppose main character is Aramil, a 23 dual-wield Duelist/Assassin rogue who does silly amounts of damage and is a lot of fun to run around stabbing things with. My second character is Sapphire, a lovely lvl 22 Arcane Warrior/Blood Mage that I find ridiculously fun because she is like a tank...impossible to kill and blows the living crap outta stuff. Also I find the concept of playing a tiny little elf female mage that runs around with a giant sword and shield decked out in Blood Dragon Armor while getting assaulted by 100 mobs at once endlessly amusing. My current character is Gratch, a stubby dwarf Beserker/Reaver who basically is a total jerk and just likes to run around and chop off any head he can find to sever with his stupidly large sword. Goooood times.  :D

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