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Not much to say, I'm pretty new to the whole wikia thing. I just got sick of reading all these discussions and not contributing so I thought I'd sign up and hey! Here I am. Anywho, feel free to message me if anyone wants to discuss anything. I've played the game extensively and I'd like to think I know a fair bit about it, I just don't like starting topics off.

A note to the craziesEdit

There is no canon Warden, there is only what YOU consider canon. The Warden existed but who he or she was is decided by the player, hence why there is a save game import in DA2. It's silly to be angry about something like this, true, but for some reason it just grinds my gears when people try to assert why THEIR Warden is canon.

I've been told lately I've become quite cynical in my posts and this is probably true. It seems that ever since Dragon Age II came out the nature of forum posts has become quite different. Everyone appears to condone mass-murder and getting into big religous and political debates concerning real-life issues and making some piss-poor attempt to relate them to the events of the game. Until this changes I'm taking a break from posting. Bioware did not make a game to make people think or to question what goes on in the world. They made a game in an attempt to make a substantial amount of money for their company...

I think some people just need to get out more, and on that note, that's what I'm going to be doing...

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