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* [[MediaWiki:Editnotice-110]], which doesn't work as intended now
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* [[MediaWiki:Recentchangestext]] }}</div>
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My theme song
suggested by Isolationistmagi

cue music as D wakes up
1:22 accesses computer
2:11 accesses chat
participants run for cover
3:08 pretends to be away
4:17 begins using hammer
carnage en masse
5:59 permanent block is issued
6:18 relaxes
6:34 more permanent blocks
7:00 signs off

cue after D leaves[1]
  1. Me: Is this when everyone mourns?
    Isolationistmagi: nah it's when the sun starts shining and the grass starts growing and the little rabbits come out of their holes to sniff the clear morning air

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