About me Edit

Obsessive Researcher.  Avid, though mediocre gamer.   Love RPG games in General.  Have played through nearly every Bioware game ever made.  Though I haven't gotten Mass Effect, (hey, Christmas is coming.)  Played WoW from release up until about August of 2009.  It was just starting to get old, and I have a family now.

Have a Fiance and 2 boys ages 15, and 9.

I had originally Pre-Ordered DA:O CE, but it was back ordered and canceled a week after release.  I ended up purchasing the CE through the EA website.  So I didn't actually start playing the game until Nov. 13.

I tend to go a little overboard in my character generation, and themes for role playing.  I have seriously been contemplating taking my four favorite play throughs and combining them into a kind of single short story for my own amusement.  Making a character themed group that are all recruited separately by Duncan, and start their journey from Ostigar together.  They will still interact with characters like Alistair, Morrigan, and Lelianna... But will adventure together as their own cohesive group, or occasionally splitting up to handle separate tasks with some of the various Party Companions.  I think it'd be a fun exercise in creative writing even if I'm the only one who reads it.

Favorite Companions: Edit

  • Oghren: One cannot beat a short, ugly, drunken pervert!  Oghren is without a doubt my favorite NPC.  Didn't use him much in group, but he's my favorite.
  • Sten:  Quiet, and honorable.  Even though he's very reserved, I find Sten one of the most intriguing of the companions.  He's utterly alien, hard to understand, but steadfast and interesting.
  • Zevhran/Alistair/Shale:  These three had me laughing a LOT.  Alistair's sarcasm, and Zev is simply goofy and lovable.  Shale ranks up with the best NPC's ever put in a game, period.  Crushing heads, and killing pigeons!!!!  Gotta Love her!  Never did use Zev though, his talents weren't geared toward what I needed in party.   One really can't go wrong with any of these three in a group.  They take the game to a whole different level.
  • Dog: Dog is more than just an animal, he's as much a person as the other companions.  His little antics, and interactions with others had me almost to tears in laughter.  I didn't use him much, but I feel in some later play throughs I'll use him as a main character.
  • Lelianna:  I really liked her, but she's a bit too......... I dunno, she was fun, but a bit air headed, and I didn't like the constant chantry crap.
  • Morrigan:  I really like the amount of work and effort that went into Morrigan as an NPC.  She had a very believable back ground and personality.  Her constant mockery of others, especially Alistair, were enjoyable.... Her biggest flaw, she's too bitter.  Morrigan is a character that should have HUGE potential for growth.  She's very unfamiliar with the real world, and betwixt interactions with the PC and other NPC's she should gain a greater understanding of others, and in so doing grow as a person as well.  Instead she stays a static cynic and gets no better from beginning to end, regardless of romance.  Her lack of growth is the biggest reason she's not higher on my list of liked characters.
  • Wynne:  Dear god!  Often described as "grandmotherly" I find absolutely NOTHING about her as such.  Her interactions with Oghren, Alistair, and Zev are hilarious, but I found her nagging and annoying.  More like an over-bearing step-mother figure than even remotely resembling grandmotherly.  Personality aside, she is not only the only healer in the game, but she's a DAMNED good one....  So at least she had that and some of her interactions to fall back on.
  • Loghain:  I'm hard pressed to find any reason to even save his sorry ass at the end of the game, except to simply sacrifice him.  I hate him, through and through.  He doesn't even have potential to be liked.  He's close minded, arrogant, and everytime he was even on the screen I found myself wanting to scream at the computer.  I will admit I felt a small amount of pity for Anora every time I chopped this guys head off, but there has never been a moment in a game that gave me such satisfaction.  Even splattering his daughter with his blood gave me a sick sense of happiness.  The only character in the game I hated more was that toadlicker Howe......  Never in ANY game have I found myself with such total hatred of one of the characters.  Kudos to the devs for placing such a despicable waste of pixelated flesh in a video game.

Characters I'd Romance: Edit

It's nice that in this game there are so many options for "romance."  Even within the origins themselves, but I do wish there was a capability to hook-up with a few more of the characters.  Some of these may surprise people, but hehe, fun!

  • Wynne:  Even though she is a bit nagging, and "grandmotherly".  Zev says it best, she does have the "bosom".  That, and there's just something "naughty" about her.
  • Sten:  Stoic, Strong, Foreign.  I wanna give that whole "armor" scenario a try.
  • Oghren:  Dude hits on everything walking!  I wanna "wrestle."
  • Ser Catheriene:  Admit it, she's hot, and has a big sword.  Also, by the end of the game she's realized what a total Douche Loghain is.
  • Bella:  I want her as a groupy, following the band around just to keep my bed roll warm. :)
  • Cullen:  Cute, naive little Templar.  Oh I wanna corrupt that boy.
  • Iona: I want the option of keeping her alive in the Human Noble story, cause I wanna take her with me on my travels.
  • Bann Teagen:  He's a good guy, pretty cute too.
  • Arlessa:  Screw saving Arl Eamon, I wanna kill him and take his wife!  Hell, while I'm at it, I'll kill Connor too, I don't really like the boy.

Character Themes: Edit

There are various roles I wish to try and play.  I'm trying to come up with names and a brief biography to coincide with each origin.  I intend to play through each origin in the game, and then play the rest of the game in the closest manner to what I've decided their personality is.  As I've discovered it isn't entirely possible to play a role with complete honesty in this game, because sometimes the choices and options that would fit the character simply aren't available.  One can make a fair approximation, however.  I will break up my characters and their biographies based off of race/origin.

Humans: Edit

Wilhelm: The MageEdit

Named after me. :)

Wilhelm is selfless, and determined.  His life within the Tower of Magi taught him how to use magic, and to certainly show people respect for their accomplishments.  But it also taught him to think for himself.  He doesn't have a problem with the views of the Chantry, but he doesn't agree with them having a stranglehold on the Circle of Magi either.  One over zealous Templar can be just as bad as one power hungry Mage.  Though few in the realm can live up to the reputation, or be quite as destructive as a Mage.  Wilhelm would often rather see the "right" thing done, even if that means bending or breaking a few rules to do it.  The right thing to do doesn't always agree with the law after all.  He's not against a profit, but would rather earn his keep through honest work, than by other means.

Wilhelm likes soldiery as well.  He's always held the martial skills in high respect and has tried to train himself in the art of weaponry as well as wizardry.  Through research and  practice he has learned to meld these two disciplines.  Capable of wading into the fray with sword and shield as well as raining destruction from a distance, Wilhelm has learned through experience, that combat doesn't have "rules", and even if it did, the Dark Spawn don't play by them.  To this end he isn't frightened of perhaps one day learning the forbidden art of the Blood Mage, but he would rather not have to follow that path towards victory.  'Tis true, that a Warrior Mage of his talents could easily become a truly devastating force, he thinks of it as taking the easy route.

Wilhelm once had an absolute fascination with the ability to shift shapes.  As he grew both in age and in wisdom, though, he came to realize that it was a very limiting talent.  It had it's benefits to be sure, but if he was to truly succeed as a Grey Warden, he couldn't give into those childish fancies.  The one thing Wilhelm has never had the talent for, is healing through magic.  He has the knowledge to be sure, and has been known to cast the occasional healing spell, but prefers the use of herbs and alchemical knowledge to treat injuries and cure various ailments.  He has a very great admiration to those few Magi that have bonded with benevolent Spirits to become truly powerful healers, however, it has never been of much interest to him.

Wilhelm's Group consists almost exclusively of Alistair tanking, Lelianna doing ranged damage, Shale for melee damage and back up tanking, and of course, himself playing the magic role.  Occasionally I like trying to work Sten or Menchi (my dog) into the melee role, but shale just cracks me up. Every once in a while I'll bring Morrigan along, but, Wilhelm wants Lelianna, and Morrigan has baggage.

For those who may have seen it.  Dog's name, Menchi, is gotten from two things: 1) It is the name of the dog in The Excel Saga. Menchi is her emergency food supply. 2) Menchi in Japanese cuisine, is a type of deep fry, usually using dog as the main ingredient.

I have done one thing I'm incredibly proud of on Wilhelm's play through.  I earned the achievement "Tactician" DURING the quest "Lost in Dreams."  Not only did I succeed in killing 250 enemies and not get hit, but I did it during a Solo area.

Robyn: the Noble Rogue/DuelistEdit

What more famous Noble Rogue is there than Robin Hood? 

In the scheme of things, Robyn ended up becoming a woman.  And a bit of a..... Well, let's just say she went for Iona in the origin.. (But damn that elf was HAWT!)   

Although I suppose she'd be far more "traditional" if I mastered archery with her.  But, the Robin of legend was also very talented with a blade as well, so I intend Robyn to be. :P  Robyn named her dog, LilJon.  After she masters the art of the blade, I'll put some points in archery.  Though I don't see that happening, considering the ungoddly amounts of points it takes to flesh out rogue.

The Human Noble being more of a Rapscallian, the black sheep of a noble family suffering the responsibility thrust upon her simply because he has to.


Grom: Dwarf Commoner: Berserker/ReaverEdit

Grom is my second character, and my first attempt at melee in DA:O.  His upbringing has left him ever the pragmatist.  Do what it takes to stay alive, watch out for yourself first and foremost (except for his sister), and never avoid a good fight.  Fearless, and dauntless Grom is obsessed with big weaponry.  There's just something satisfying about being able to cleave a person in twain or break all the bones in their body with a single hit. 

Castless, from birth, and not through Deed, Grom has always held the Dwarven nobility in contempt.  One thing he has always respected though, is battle prowess.  The Dwarven Berserkers that hold the lines and instill fear even in the hearts of the Dark Spawn.  They are the stuff dreams and legends are made of.  The only thing worth respecting.  Let the nobility squabble for petty things.  Let the shapers decide who's important and who is not.  And just as a Smith is judged by the quality of the sword he crafts.  Let the Dwarf that would hold that sword, be judged by how well he wields it.  Alas, as a castless, Grom is unable to prove anything to anyone.  Were it not for his sister, Grom probably wouldn't even be alive.  She has been his single guiding star in the lower city.  Only one person ever tried to harm her, and was left without a head to think about what he'd almost done. 

Grom finds a certain serenity in fighting.  Allowing all his hatred, and rage to focus on the tip of his blade.  Kill or be killed.  Survival of the fittest.  To live in fear, is to be ruled by it.  Just a few of the things he has come to believe in as being universal truths. Fear of dying has no hold over him.  It is the struggle, nay, the battle, and the will to stay alive that fuel him.  In fact, Grom has a certain, morbid fascination with Death.  Like those he grew up around, Death is a friend, kept close, embraced with the weary eye watching for the knife.

Grom has named his dog, Titan.

Grom forced me to download the "respec" mod.  His personality wouldn't work with folks like Leliana, Wynne, and Alistair.  So I had to change Zevhran, Sten, Oghren and Morrigan to have a working support group.  Zev got switched to a bowman and lock picker, which kinda kills his whole "assassin" background, but I figure he was a sniper.  Sten and Oghren got changed to shield users and Morrigan had her specialty changed from Shapeshifter to Spirit Healer.  She still does her entropy line, but at least now I have a pocket healer that I don't want to kill.  Grom did play nice enough with Leliana and Alistair to get their personal quests, but otherwise he tends to try and avoid them.  He won't even talk to Wynne, and when it comes to the point of saving Connor, he'll definitely be taking the book deal with the demon.... Maybe I can piss Wynne off enough to leave or attack.  (Only reason I picked her up in the first place was cause at the time I didn't have the mod to make NOT having her much of an option.)

Rant Edit
Anyone else bloody well notice that certain NPC's seem to not realize you're a freakin dwarf?  This was especially annoying to me in Orzammar, you'd be talkin to people, and they'd be callin ya surfacer and stuff, totally oblivious to the fact that you're a bleedin dwarf!  A few notice the brand, make a comment, and then start talkin' like you're a human or something again.  I felt this was a rather unfortunate blemish in an otherwise beautiful story.  Heck, Grom has been really enjoyable to play, especially from the role-play side.  He's very real to me, and I wanted to, as Shale would say, "Crush some Heads" because the majority of the dwarves in Orzammar were totally screwin up my mood.  The bloody Shaperate guy actually treats you like you don't even know WHAT he is!  Come on!  Grom may be casteless, but he's not an imbecile!  I would think it would be rather hard to find a dwarf that didn't know what the hell the shaperate was!  And why the heck couldn't I kill "Brother Burkel"?  He grossly offended me, and my dwarven bretheren.  He was in serious need of a beat down.  And how in the hell is it possible that when talking to Lelianna about the Chantry and what not, you have NO DIALOGUE OPTIONS regarding your own belief system!?  You're a dwarf!!!  You don't believe in the bloody maker, and you can't even tell her that!

Targen Dwarf Noble Warrior/Champion/TemplarEdit

A Dwarf Noble Warrior/Champion with a possibility of going into Templar as well.  I so cannot wait to do the Dwarf section of the main blight quest with him!!!  I already did it as a dwarven commoner, which I sided with Bhelen of course because he's my nephew's papa.  But now I have an iron-clad reason to see this bastard fail!!!  He is a serious Prick... However, I wonder if my dwarven pragmatism will see him as the best choice regardless of what he did to me.  Consider this.  Dwarf society is all about putting on "Honorable Airs" but back-stabbing the shit out of eachother.  My brother fooled EVERYONE!  He manipulated both brothers.  He fooled everyone he was in contact with into thinking he was "lesser".  He maneuvered over half the assembly onto his side before he even set ANY of his traps into motion.  Then he executed his coup with precision, and ruthlessness.  Even as his brother, I have to acknowledge that regardless of what happened, he just might have what it takes to see Orzammar prosper.  Wow, tough choice isn't it?  Many would consider out right vengeance.  But dwarves are decidedly pragmatic by nature.  Even in defeat I must respect my the enemy that laid me low.  As a brother, I want vengeance for Bhelen killing Trian AND implicating me, however I cannot ignore his brilliance in doing so either.

Decisions, Decisions...............   Following suit with both Dwarven Pragmatism, and the fact that as a Grey Warden I've thrown my past away, I may well side with Bhelen in his fight to become King.  Being a former Dwarf Noble I know that even if Harrowmount is an honorable man, he does not have the ruthless cunning necessary to lead Orzammar forward.  Dwarven politics being what they are.  I played the game, and I lost.  End of story.  Power hungry as he may be, Bhelen has two things going for him.  First, he's an Aeducan, and as a member of the same clan, I'll want to see my family continue to rule, even if he's an ass.  Second, He's already shown how brilliantly cunning he can be, and that he can plan for the long haul, not just the short.  It would take years to set up what he did to me, now that's foresight! 


I intend to consider Deyanna and Nottifrey as sisters.  Separated during childhood after a tragic encounter with some bandits while out hunting.  These two lovely birds are also the only characters I intend to use the experience glitch on.  I feel, given their personalities and upbringing, that they should START the game with their chosen specializations.  Although perhaps in Nottifrey's case I can make an exception.  She may decide to learn the ways of the assassin only after that Noble prick ruins her wedding.  We'll see.  However, Deyanna should start as a Ranger, simply because that's what she IS, not is going to be.

Nottifrey: City Elf Assassin Edit

Pronounced Node-EE-Fray. The name is a tribute to the two Norse Goddesses:  Nott (meaning Night), literally the goddess of night.  And Freyja (meaning Lady), goddess of beauty and death.  In effect naming her Night Lady, or Lady Night.  She will name her dog Fenrir to go along with the Norse mythology.

The Alienage, cesspool, prison, a poison attacking the heart of the proud City of Denerim, and also Home.  Nottifrey hates Denerim, and particularly lothes the Alienage.  Slaves her people may be no longer, but what they are isn't any better.  Untrusted, cursed, beat down, and oppressed.  Nottifrey has learned one valuable lesson:  If you want something, take it, and if someone is in the way, remove them.  How such a small frame contains so much hate is a mystery.  She hates the elves that accept this life, she hates the humans that put them here.  She even hates the Dalish, for leaving her, and saving only her twin sister.  Although her memory is a bit hazy concerning that incident.

Nottifrey *is* Lady Night.  She is death's silent mistress, as beautiful as she is deadly.  Shadows are her clothing, silence is her weapon, and quick death her whispered speech.  None of her "friends" or family know her true self.  She is the consummate   actress, everything she's supposed to be to everyone around her.  But when darkness falls, and there is no one around, she lets the facade drift away.  Living, breathing and dreaming nothing more than vengeance.  She delights in the suffering of others, thrives off of murder and mayhem.  One day she will see it all come to an end.  The barriers torn down, her people truly free, the Humans cast down, and finally be reunited with her beloved sister Deyanna.

Marriage.  Why must she get married?  This "arranged" business is foolhardy and bothersome.  She isn't even truly a part of this "family", how can she be subject to such petty traditions.  She prays to the maker that something dreadful happens to the "groom".  And such a worthless groom too.  Everyone seems to think that she should be excited because he is good looking, but UGH, so shallow, and pretentious!  Getting gutted by the Teiryn's guards was the least he deserved.  Poor Soris probably thinks so little of his "cousin" now, seeing her cold, ruthless efficiency.  Soris....  A well meaning "cousin" at least.  He is lucky for his bride to be honest.  She is quite pretty, but also very attentive.  She reminds Nottifrey of Deyanna.  (Personal note: I wonder if it's too much to think that Nottifrey and Deyanna have a kind of "sister complex".) 

Well, at least that worthless sack of Noble got gutted as he deserved.  Raping Shianna, Nottifrey wishes she could kill him twice.  And Duncan, bless him, gave her the perfect way out.  Not only did an elf murder the worthless sack of dung that was the Teiryn's son, but she got away with it scott free!  Finally, she's free of that rat infested Alienage, and can try to find her clan, and return to her sister.

Deyanna: Dalish Elf Ranger Edit

Pronounced Dee-Yawn-nuh, is also a tribute to the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Diana.  She is also the one character I intend to play the entire game through with Cerberus (Dog) as one of the companions. 

Game Progress:Edit

Packrat!!!  I short list of some of my favorite items:

Armor/Armor Sets:

  • Legion of the Dead armor set, including the shield, is without a doubt my favorite set.  Looks, and functionality are off the charts here.
  • Warden Commander, again, just a simply amazing armor, works great for the Damage dealer, and is just damned sexy too.
  • Effort Armor, I think the effort armor is simply beautiful.  Almost TOO shiny, but it's still very functional as well.
  • Diligence.  Even if it's a lighter armor, diligence is both beautiful and far better than it looks.  A medium/heavy armor that gives all the protection of Massive?!? And Looks great too!
  • I liked the Templar Armor that you could piece together (not an actual set), however it was mostly looks, and very little functionality.  I just put it on Alistair occasionally for story purposes.
  • There's an AWESOME leather armor available from Lagnar? In the Dwarven Commons!
  • Ancient Elven set was nice, especially for earlier game archer.

Weapons:  There are so many awesome weapons in this game, it's almost impossible to make a short list.  I'll just name a few of my favorites though.

  • Starfang: I loved the 2-hand version of this sword.  But it's almost too damned good.  It has no equivilant.  It's almost too damn powerful actually.
  • SpellWeaver:  Not only sexy, but a caster sword!
  • Yusaris: the Dragonslayer is just a beautiful sword.
  • Chasind Great Maul: 
  • Keening Blade
  • Topsider's Honor
  • Summer Sword:  This sword was simply awesome.  It is really a bummer that it comes so late in the game.
  • Gryphon's Beak axe:  Good axe, dunno if it can be "upgraded"  Would be so much better.
  • Ageless:  This blade is simply beautiful.  I liked how it was designed...  Seemed to scream dwarven make, a sword of absolute brute force.
  • Loved just about every 2 hand weapon available in the game.

Packrat!!! I short list of some of my favorite items:

Armor/Armor Sets:

  • sorry for editing ur post but i had the urge to ask why u dont include the juggernaut set of armor. It looks amazing, functionality is the best I've seen in the game so far. Overall it is just an outstanding set of armor [and a fun challenge killing all of the revenants :)]
  • Legion of the Dead armor set, including the shield, is without a doubt my favorite set. Looks, and functionality are off the charts here.
  • Warden Commander, again, just a simply amazing armor, works great for the Damage dealer, and is just damned sexy too.
  • Effort Armor, I think the effort armor is simply beautiful. Almost TOO shiny, but it's still very functional as well.
  • Diligence. Even if it's a lighter armor, diligence is both beautiful and far better than it looks. A medium/heavy armor that gives all the protection of Massive?!? And Looks great too!
  • I liked the Templar Armor that you could piece together (not an actual set), however it was mostly looks, and very little functionality. I just put it on Alistair occasionally for story purposes.
  • There's an AWESOME leather armor available from Lagnar? In the Dwarven Commons!
  • Ancient Elven set was nice, especially for earlier game archer.

Weapons: There are so many awesome weapons in this game, it's almost impossible to make a short list. I'll just name a few of my favorites though.

  • Starfang: I loved the 2-hand version of this sword. But it's almost too damned good. It has no equivilant. It's almost too damn powerful actually.
  • SpellWeaver: Not only sexy, but a caster sword!
  • Yusaris: the Dragonslayer is just a beautiful sword.
  • Chasind Great Maul:
  • Keening Blade
  • Topsider's Honor
  • Summer Sword: This sword was simply awesome. It is really a bummer that it comes so late in the game.
  • Gryphon's Beak axe: Good axe, dunno if it can be "upgraded" Would be so much better.
  • Ageless: This blade is simply beautiful. I liked how it was designed... Seemed to scream dwarven make, a sword of absolute brute force.
  • Loved just about every 2 hand weapon available in the game.

First Playthrough: Edit

Wilhelm finished the game at level 24, and specialized in Arcane Warrior, and for his very last level Shapeshifter for the +Con/Armor bonus, he did not learn any of the forms.  Even though it was tempting, he never succumbed to the easy way of Blood Magic.  The situation never presented itself.  Though he learned to channel his magic inward efficiently, he preferred to focus most of his energies on the Art of Magecraft.  A sword is a useful tool when required, but wasn't turned to until the ability to cast effectively had been removed.  Wilhelm very rarely used melee abilities, instead preferring to rain devastation from range, and keep any spell casters as locked down as possible.  As the game played on, this became a serious annoyance to me, the player.  Granted, it was nice having the scale of combat escalate with the level and abilities of my character, I didn't appreciate the amount of resists and shortness of lock downs (paralysis, mass paralysis, crushing prison, petrify) in the later game.  Wilhelm did get the final killing blow on the ArchDemon with a sword though, and it was gratifying seeing him get the special kill scene.

After an Obscene amount of play time, 90+ hours I believe, Wilhelm finished nearly everything the game had to offer.  In keeping with his personality, the only two groups of side quests I did not do were those involving the Crows in Denerim, and the Pocket Picking lines.  At game end I had finished 80%+ of all side quests available.  I have two final games saved for Wilhelm.  One involving a different scenario involving the rescue of Queen Anora.  I killed Ser Catherine (and subsequently beat the game on this play through), and rescued the queen.  I also played through the surrender scenario and escaped from prison, though I did not continue from that point on.  I have beaten the game taking the "Dark Pact" with Morrigan, but merely to see it play out with Wilhelm still living.  However, I intend to replay that bit and have Wilhelm make the ultimate sacrifice, as that is more in his character to do so.  Alistair became the King, married to Anora, the Mages were freed from the oppression of the Templar.  Pretty much every happy, good outcome to be achieved, Wilhelm succeeded in delivering.

In any future play throughs I have with a mage, I intend to just make them a heal bot, and play one of the other characters.  That, or I'll break the game.  I'll make an arcane warrior, and once I gain the martial abilities, I'll use a mod to allow my mage to learn warrior talents.  I personally believe the Arcane Warrior specialization would have been better suited by adding more offensive abilities than a bunch of passive/sustained defensive abilities.  And the full Legion of the Dead armor With the shield and the SpellWeaver sword is just dead sexy.  Pure Auto-Attack is boring as sin to me, so if I do AW again, I'll certainly make it more enjoyable. 

Most used party members:

  • Alistair
  • Shale/Sten/Oghren
  • Lelianna

Second Playthrough: Edit

I'm currently going through the game with two characters actually.  Both are nearly at the same progression level and have nearly the same amount of play time.  Grom, the dwarven commoner 2-hand berserker/reaver is level 16 at the moment, and has done the Circle of Magi, and Paragon of her Kind quest lines.  Since his sister was Bhelen's consort, Grom most definitely sided with him, though he did not preserve the anvil of the void, simply because he's far more respectful of true dwarven prowess over the use of Gholems.  He sided with the mages, because he hates authority and didn't like the way the templar reminded him of the way the nobility treated the casteless in Orzammar.  He has saved the town of Redcliffe, but mostly because he got stuck there doing something else, and the town folk begged, and pleaded for him to help.  That worthless mayor died in the fight, but everyone else lived.  As it stands now, Grom is standing in the room right before he meets Connor for the first time.  I haven't made up my mind yet if I let Lady Isolde make her sacrifice or if I just kill Connor outright.  Grom's not heartless, but he doesn't exactly have a very great love for humans either.

Grom's most common party is made up of:

  • Zevran -  who has been converted to an archer/ranger who can pick locks.
  • Oghren - A true dwarven warrior and brother-in-arms to Grom.  Oghren has been converted to sword and board because Grom is a zerker.
  • Morrigan - Mmmmmmmm..  Human women taste good on Dwarven Lips. She has a very similar personality to Grom, so it was inevitable that he would be attracted to her. She has been converted to a spirit healer from shape shifter.

Grom does intend to do Alistair and Lelianna's side quests, but Wynne is going to die when he makes the deal with Connor's demon.  Lelianna is going to leave/die after the Urn quest, because Grom will become a reaver and then kill the man who teaches it to him.  And Alistair will be leaving because Grom is sadly going to spare Loghain.

My contributionsEdit

I have finished writing a moderately detailed walk through of The Broken Circle and a walk-through on The Fade: Lost in Dreams, to finish off the entire quest line.

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