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  • Have a PS3 copy of Dragon Age: Origins. I baught it second hand, because there was no new copies, and now I have to pay an extra €I2 for the Stone Prisoner. And I won't be doing that. No Shale for me, thank you very much.
  • My Character is a City Elf Rogue named Coroxn,who has, among other talents, Master Coercion, Coupe de Grace, and Deadly strike. They're my-his main talents.
  • I also have a human mage named Colin. Just started with him, nothing to report.
  • My Major achievments.......I saved Connor without killing his mother. I should have got a trophey for that.....something like "Maternal Saver" or whatever....
  • In think DA:O is fantastic. Little bits like Tranquility and the fact only females become proper draconions are lovely touches to a fantastic story

What I Do HereEdit

Since my greatest weapon in Dragon Age And In Real Life has always been the pen (seriously, a sharp one, when thrown, can peirce the throat and eye. Of course then you have no weapon, so a large amount of pens is needed if you want to be an specialise as an Author) I will be fleshing out information and making pages share the glory and magic of the game itself. Pages I have done this to:

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Poetic CoroxnEdit

The Chant Of LightEdit

Then the Maker said: To you, my second-born, I grant this gift: In your heart shall burn An unquenchable flame All-consuming, and never satisfied. From the Fade I crafted you, And to the Fade you shall return Each night in dreams That you may always remember me. And then the Maker sealed the gates Of the Golden City And there, He dwelled, waiting To see the wonders His children would create.


Her Eyes Shine With Hatred And Charm,

Her Dark Red Hair, Like Tainted Blood,

Causes My Poor Heart Alarm,

As The Heart Of Any Man Would.

Her Face, Dark, Like A Shadowed Moon,

Her Lips Curled In Distaste, Or Love....

The Darkspawn Have Met Their Ruin,

When She Strikes From High Above.

If I Were To Confess My Love, My Bequette

I Know Just How I'd Look,

Rather Like A Fool, I'd Bet.

Not A Pawn, A Bishop, A Rook.

I Know I'm Important To Her Plan,

As She Is Is Important To Mine,

But Alas, I Am Just A Man,

And She Is Simply Divine.

Coroxn, The Ballade Of Morrigan

My SanctuaryEdit

Dear Leliana. I'm Sorry.

" The Taint Has Curupted Us All. Some More Then Others. Me More Than You. Fears Mean Much More To Me When You'r The One Who's Having Them. So I Couldn't Tell You. I Know The Way Your Worrying About Me Now, So Please, Keep Reading. Thirty Years, I Have. But You Have So Much More. It's Hard To Abandon You Like This, So Do Me A Favour: Write Me A Song. Just So When I Hear It, I'l Think Of You. I'll Know Who Wrote It. You Ow Me That Much. Better To Cut It Quick. I Love You, Lelley. And I Hope That Your Not Mad, Please Don't Be M "

The Only Remenents Of The Letter Sent To Leliana, That Inspired Here Most Famous Ballade, Sanctuary.

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