A journal of choices, made during dialogs and quests or regarding their order – to give some insight into his character.

A note about the Attributes: Strict role-play would dictate me to increase Strength, Dexterity and Cunning more or less evenly up to a certain level, but I found this impractical for the origin quests, with all those traps. So I decided to raise Cunning as fast as possible to the first threshold that I have in mind – at the cost of Strength and Dexterity. That on the one hand allowed me to disarm the traps, on the other hand, however, also made fights more difficult or at least worsened my statistics.

A Child of the Dalish Edit

Forest Clearing Edit

Tamlen: "What do you say, lethallin? What should we do with them?"
Delorian: "Let's find out what they're doing here."
Tamlen: "Does it matter? Hunting or banditry, we'll need to move camp if we let them live."

Shem 2: "Yes, a cave! With ruins like I've never seen! We thought there might be, uh …"
Delorian: "We know this forest. There are caves, but no ruins. You lie."

Tamlen: "This stone has carvings … Is this Elvish? Written Elvish?"
Delorian: "How do you know that's Elvish, Tamlen?"

Attributes STR 13  ·  DEX 16  ·  WIL 14
MAG 12  ·  CUN 23  ·  CON 10

Tamlen: "Well. Do you trust them? Shall we let them go?"
Delorian: "You've frightened them enough. They won't bother us."


Tamlen: "Well, shall we see if there's any truth to their story? These carvings make me curious."
Delorian: "Sounds like a good idea."

Tamlen: "This must be the cave. I don't recall seeing this before, do you?"
Delorian: "No, I don't. Let's check it out."

Ico longbow
Ico quiver
Ico longsword
Ico dagger
Ico helm light
Guildmaster's Belt
Tre ico dalish deerhide
Ico highregarddace
Ico armor light
Dalish Promise Ring
Ico boots light
Wickedoath module

Elven Ruins Edit

Tamlen: "This place makes me nervous."
Delorian: "What do you think all this is?"
Tamlen: "Maybe some of our ancestors lived here, in caves like the dwarves. I'll stick to roaming the land, myself."
Delorian: "This doesn't feel like anyone's home."
Tamlen: "I don't know. I have this odd sensation that we've … disturbed something. Like we just walked into a dragon's lair."
Delorian: ""

Tamlen: "I can't believe this. You recognize this statue, don't you?"
Delorian: "It's worn, but it looks vaguely familiar."

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