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In terms of contribution to the Dragon Age wiki site, I mostly edit and update the character dialogue portions, however since the majority of the stuff has already been implemented by me or other contributors, I've switched to doing random edits to pages and contributing to things whenever I feel like it. Party banter and dialogue though are probably my favorite parts of the game, plus, it doesn't require me to write much of anything new =D. I find the character dialogue pages of wiki very useful in that I don't have to waste time reloading or switching characters and running back to points just to hear what the characters have to say or having to play multiple characters or do quests in different orders to hear the subtle differences between certain dialogue. It's so much fun hearing the character's opinions and getting more insight into their personality and/or life, which is why I want to contribute by updating with ones that haven't been recorded yet.

I've also updated some of the approval point guides and fixed some of them up. Hopefully there are no errors but I'm fairly thorough when I experiment with the outcomes. I also will edit spelling and grammatical errors when I see them although I admit I'm not anything like an English teacher or professional editor, but with the plethora of errors, be it major or minor I've seen on this site, I think it's sorely needed. I also will edit content errors when I see them, but don't worry, I check my facts =p. I hope my contributions have been useful and/or helpful to some people =). Enjoy!

My contributionsEdit

Most notable contributions that I can remember:

Nathaniel Howe/Dialogue

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