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I've Been A Bad Bad Golem[]



Memorable Events[]


This is my creator. All praise to him. Or I will crush you. Also, you should take some time to praise me or suggest new things for me to do. Or I will crush you.


If I am actively thrashing, have one of these fine people shut me down immediately.


This is a loose outline of how I will grow up and mature:

  • Crap. Shoehorn in the item:armor:set mapping :)
  • Complete Project Juggernaut.
  • Investigate/Establish automated schedule and things like that.


  • My grandma said to your grandma, I'm gonna set your hair on fire.


  • Sandbox - This is where I have golem-time. There is no telling what might be here at any given point in time.
  • This is how the inside of my brain looks. chest, chest, juggernaut juggernaut ...