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About me[]

Collection of protagonists Neria Surana: Angry, with a fundamentally pessimistic outlook on live.

  • Circle saved.
  • Defends Redcliffe.
  • Kills Genitivi to prevent the Chantry from abusing the Urn. They got enough power.
  • Beats sense into Zathrien.
  • Preserves Anvil/Bhelen King.
  • Makes hardend Alistair king and lets Anora rot in a golden cage. (headcanon)


Marian Hawke: Purple. LI Merrill.

  • Feynriel to Dalish, later send to Tevinter
  • Sends Grace and co. back to the Circle or have Varric lie.
  • Offed Petice's second mob single-handedly.
  • Bombed the Arisho(n)k into defeat, while constantly running away form him.
  • Opposed Merrydeath at most opportunities, including at the end.


Ellana Lavellan: SoLavellan/Wolfbait. Fundamentally good-natured, but annoyed by Shemlen zeal, which made her into a calculating Inq.

  • Wents to Redcliffe and recruits mages as allies. Does not trust the Templars and Lord Seeker Lucius one inkling.
  • Inquisition declared as: "An elf will stand for us all" Sorry, Sera. Well, actuallly not.
  • WE&WH: Briala, with a Gaspard puppet
  • Here lies the Abyss: Wardens banished. Until next Blight.
  • What Pride had Wrought: Grudgingly leaves the well to Morrigan, but decides to keep a very close eye on her.
  • JoH: Discloses truth about Ameridan, gleefully.
  • Trespasser: Vowes to save Solas from himself. Torn between still being attached and wanting to move on.
  • Future of the Inquisition: Disbanded.


My contributions[]