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  • I am Female but not a princess

I have openly welcomed this as a fantasy world with no unicorns, rainbows, or princess stars. That makes me a fan. Dragon Age is just the kind of fantasy I want.

Game reviewsEdit

Dragon Age: OriginsEdit

My second favorite of the three games, considering trying. No notable crazy people, none of the language was particularly bad, and the Archdemon made a good villain. I've been selective of what seem good antagonists to me, ever since I got acquainted with pipe organs by an over-the-top movie villain (see below).

Dragon Age 2Edit

Least favorite, don't want to play. Ridiculously bloody (worse than a real battle, I swear), there was the occasional curse word that was hard to predict, a psycho kills your mom, Anders, Beatrix III and possibly even Bartrand are also insane, and the final battle was like my introduction to the pipe organ all over again twice. I don't say that because of the blood - although every hand-to-hand fight in this game looks like cutting out a heart - but rather because both villains were raving lunatics who, like him, became completely unrecognizable, both in appearance and behavior. Maybe it should have been called Dragon Age: Insanity.

Dragon Age: InquisitionEdit

My favorite so far is where I started playing Dragon Age. I like the more open world, the reduced insanity compared to last game, and most of the companions being optional to recruit.


User:Buccaneer Blue/Sandbox - Its current content provides some insight about the aforementioned introduction to the organ.

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