Long-time user of this wiki and a fan of all things Bioware. I have used this wiki since before the release of Origins and made an account in an effort to improve the quality of the articles on this website, but have found more recently that it is very hard to add to some as they are all quite detailed and I am not usually sure if I could add anything else that isn't already there.

As for the Dragon Age games, I have played through all origins (although never past origins for the dwarven characters. I have this misplaced belief that size is relative to damage and status and have stayed away from all dwarves, gnomes, half-lings, and all shorter playable characters on most games I have played).

My favorite is the Human Noble origin as there is a full-fledged story behind it as a satisfying revenge tied into the final quests in origins with the added bonus of being able to be the King-Consort (or Prince-Consort) to Anora at the end. It's good to be the king! I am usually a good character who helps everyone in this playthrough. I have 2 completed playthroughs on this origin to my knowledge.

Second Favorite used to be the City Elf origin as you could easily kick the ass of anyone who looked down on you, but was recently surpassed by the Dalish Elf origin for it's involvement in both Witch Hunt and Dragon Age 2. I like to play the ruthless screw-everyone-up-as-long-as-I-get-more-powerful dude (or dude-ette) in this one, because everyone looks down on you and you can take revenge for everything the humans have ever done to the elves. Thats how I like to think.

Others are present, but just the 2 stand out in my mind.

One final note, All of my characters are named Amenson or a variation of that name. It's an unhealthy obsession of mine and I can't seem to shake it!

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