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There are ten fixed place high dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition plus an eleventh in Jaws of Hakkon. For all eleven of these dragons, they have greater resistance to their breath element and this also determines their vulnerability: Fire breathers are vulnerable to cold, cold breathers to fire, and electricity breathers to spirit.

Name Location Breath Element Level
Fereldan Frostback* Hinterlands Fire 12
Northern Hunter* Crestwood Electricity 13
Abyssal High Dragon Western Approach Fire 14
Gamordan Stormrider* Exalted Plains Electricity 15
Greater Mistral* Emerald Graves Cold 17
Hivernal Emprise du Lion Cold 19
Vinsomer* Storm Coast Electricity 19
Sandy Howler Hissing Wastes Fire 20
Kaltenzahn Emprise du Lion Cold 21
Highland Ravager Emprise du Lion Fire 23
Hakkon Wintersbreath Frostback Basin Cold 25

See also Breeding Grounds and Dragon Hunter for related quests.

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